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March, 2011

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Communicating with the Universe

There are universal laws that we are governed by. These universal laws help to create our day to day reality. The way in which we communicate with God and our Universe has total power in what is manifested in our physical worlds. There are those who say The Law ofRead More

Don’t Wait – Live Now

We all have dreams. So often our dreams stay in the back of our minds, always on the back burner, with thoughts of pulling them out at some point, some day when life affords the opportunity to pursue them. Sadly, some live out entire lifetimes, and that “opportunity” never appears.Read More

Soul Connections

There are times in every life, whether one is empathically gifted or not, where the sparks of soul connections are felt. While everything is certainly not predestined to every degree, there are some connections we are meant to make in life, and those connections will be made no matter whichRead More

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