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April, 2013

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Our World is How it is Perceived

Our experiences and those things that happen in our environment may seem like the culprit for the way we may be feeling, however, it is actually quite the opposite as how we are feeling ultimately stems from within and not without. It is how we think about things and situationsRead More

Energy Thieves

Energy Thieves – Who Are They? We have all met them – some call them energy suckers, others may call them psychic vampires, or energy vampires among various other names. Unfortunately, no matter what they are called, the effect they have on us is the same. Energy thieves are peopleRead More

Amaze Yourself – Learn How to Use Your Psychic Abilities

I often have psychic development students say the words, “I am amazed” when they start seeing the evidence of what they can actually do with their natural psychic and medium abilities in a very short amount of time, and I am constantly amazed by each and every one as weRead More

Ghosts – What Do They Want From Us?

Seeing ghosts doesn’t necessarily make one know what they want or why they are hanging around. A lot of people who naturally see them may have a lot more fear than curiosity and may not have realized they can communicate with them as well. One who often sees ghosts isRead More

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