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May, 2014

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What’s in a Moment? Living in the Present

You may think this is an odd post from a psychic. I think the overall misconception with (especially) psychic readings is that people only come to us because they feel they need to know something about either the past or the future, when in actuality, a great many people getRead More

The Experience Theme

Believe it or not, the ones who seem to experience it all are actually here to do so, and it is actually either their primary or secondary theme. We all have both primary and secondary themes that go along with our ultimate purposes and what we are here for. TheRead More

The Pathway is Through the Heart

It is vitally important to your happiness that you follow and do what speaks to your heart. If you are seeking your pathway, you will find it through the heart. Your search of your own pathway ultimately takes you through your own heart center, and through the journey of discoveringRead More

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