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October, 2014

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Vibrations and Mediumship

Mediumship, like all other things, tends to be susceptible to the energy we put forth to bring things back to us, whether we are conscious of that reality or not. Feelings such as fear, or other negative emotions are of lower vibrations. Therefore, when we are putting out those negativeRead More

Highly Sensitive People – Who Are They?

Highly sensitive people, or as they are often referred to, HSPs are people who are highly sensitive to all energies. They are very strong empaths, who hold empathy as their strongest gift. They are people who cannot watch violence of any kind, even on television, to include local and worldRead More

Ghostly Visitor

This picture was taken in my living room. The black area you see is a black dress the doll is wearing that is being held by the doll’s leg as it was being made to dance around.

Empathy – The Gift of Healing

Empaths are healers. One who carries the gift of empathy, also always carries healing ability of some type or form, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Part of the journey of being an empath and becoming more aware of the gift, may also cause one to realizeRead More

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