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8 Weeks to Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Do have paranormal experiences often, even as much as on a daily basis and wonder if those experiences point to natural psychic abilities?

Do you have dreams that are too real, and then you find yourself too often standing in reality realizing the dream is happening in some way?

Do you often wake between 3 and 4 am and feel you aren’t alone?

Do you just know things sometimes, and end up having those things validated, like for instance you think of someone out of the blue then hear from that person?

Do you see scenes of information in your mind’s eye but have no idea what they mean or where they are coming from?

Do you hear someone speaking to you (even telepathically) but you are alone? (You may even question whether it was your own “thought” or imagination.)

Do you feel changes in the atmosphere or energy fields around you, or feel others’ emotions and/or physical pain?

Do you have vivid dreams of loved ones or others who have passed to the other side where you feel after waking you were just visited rather than having been dreaming?

Do you feel drawn to the metaphysical in some way or researched different ways to access the metaphysical world?

Do you know you have natural psychic abilities, but you don’t know what to do with them?

Helping YOU to fully realize and utilize your natural gifts whether those gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, empathic abilities, mediumship, or psychic abilities by any other name, is a passion for me. I help you work through your fears to be able to learn more about your gifts. If your fears are limited, we will begin with helping you learning better control so that you are using your gifts instead of your gifts using you!

I have developed an 8 week one on one program that can be easily adjusted to fit each person’s unique strengths and goals for their individual gifts, and have worked with many people with my system, and watched them flourish in service to others through their gifts afterward. The program can also be taken in two week increments for those who feel that would best suit their schedules.

What We Will Accomplish in 8 Weeks

We will identify your strongest gifts.

We will identify the pathway for your gifts.

We will develop some goals for you based on your own comfort level.

You will learn how to ground and protect yourself.

You will learn how to set your intention.

We will release any and all fears associated with your natural gifts.

We will strengthen your abilities.

You will learn how to open up your abilities as well as how to close them.

You will learn how to validate the information you receive.

You will learn to bring your visions from dream state to awake time.

You will learn valuable coping skills.

You will learn to conduct a reading through practice readings.

I also offer a 30 minute psychic development consultation for us to discuss or have your questions answered about your experiences to validate what your gifts are through the guides, (and through yourself), to see whether this program is a fit for what you are hoping to accomplish.

I feel very grateful to have met and worked with those who have felt drawn to me, and extremely grateful I have been able to watch each and every one come to fully utilize those beautiful abilities that once upon a time were very confusing, as well as those whose gifts once felt more like a curse than gifts. I feel blessed to have helped so many special souls to find their unique pathways with their natural gifts.

I am happy to help you in any way I can with learning to better cope with, and work with your natural psychic abilities.

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