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A Different Type of Empath

I have written a lot about how empaths absorb emotional energy, and while with the emotional empath, most will be lead to physical pain, through emotional pain, there is also what is known as a physical empath.

A physical empath is an empath who literally feels others’ physical pain. While they also feel emotional energy, they may not be as aware of that fact because the feeling of physical pain is so much stronger. Just is the same in reverse for the emotional empath.

Empaths are ultimately here for help with healing in some way. Because physical empaths feel others’ pain, they may naturally find themselves in medical professions, as they have a desire to heal that pain they feel in others. However, most often is the case, no matter how much they want to work in the medical professions, they find they simply cannot cope with feeling all the physical pain they feel from others on a daily basis. From there, they may find themselves in more of a research position, or another career entirely, but most often, they will still feel that soul urgency to heal others.

For these reasons, there is a tendency for the physical empath to become very frustrated, lost, and confused about why they have such a gift if they cannot help others. They may become both withdrawn and depressed until they find a way to aid in healing in some way.

Still, there are some, who may spend a good portion of their lives without fully realizing they are a physical empath. They may spend most of their time in the doctor’s office themselves constantly in search of what is causing all of their pain, only to stay frustrated when no physical reasons are ever found.

There are indeed ways a physical empath can learn to detach themselves from the physical pain of others and observe it as a message rather than absorb it as their own. Just as one who has a stronger emotional empathic sense, the physical empath is also here for a reason. It just may not be the reason that seemed most obvious.

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