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Having Frequent Paranormal Experiences

Are you a person who has frequent paranormal experiences, and you wonder why? Many paranormal experiences involve ghosts, or in other words, earth bound spirits. Ghosts are attracted to those with natural medium ability who can see, and/or hear them, and they will often do things, and make noises toRead More

Programming Your Crystals

by Cheryl Twyford of www.healingcrystals.com If you wish to use your stones for a specific purpose, beyond their general characteristics, you will need to program them.  Intention and focus are key when programming crystals for particular task, such as healing, protection, and/or activation of chakras, among others.  Intention is in yourRead More

Listening to Your Intuition

Believe it or not, even though I have read for others for well over 20 years, I am still guilty sometimes of not listening to my own intuition. Though psychics do not see things in their own lives with anywhere near the same sort of clarity as they do forRead More

Types of Mediums

There are basically two types of mediums, though there are variations of abilities with each type. There is what is known as a psychic medium (sometimes called a spirit medium), and what is known as a physical medium (sometimes called a trance medium, or a channel medium). A person canRead More

The Difference Between a Psychic Reading and a Spirit Reading

If you are new to the world of getting readings, you may wonder what the difference between a psychic reading and a spirit reading is. When you see the term “psychic medium” it generally means the reader is both a medium and carries psychic abilities as well. Psychic readings haveRead More

Our Emotions Are Deep Messages To Ourselves

What we feel speaks to us so much more deeply than we often care to listen to, but if we do, our feelings are deep messages that can lead to deep healing within. We most often relate what causes us to feel certain emotions to people and circumstances outside ourselves.Read More

The Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame relationship is the most challenging of all soul connections you will encounter in any lifetime. It is a very special soul connection between two souls to bring massive spiritual growth to each other. This connection is a connection like no other, and any relationship you create togetherRead More

What is in a Number? The Truth in Numerology

I have always been fascinated by numbers and the synchronicity of numbers in our lives, but it wasn’t until later that I actually learned a bit about numerology and the sheer truth that lies within it regarding a person’s personality, desires, motivators, life challenges, gifts, strengths, and so much moreRead More

Natural Medium Mentoring

Many who are born a natural medium may shrug off the subtle nature of the messages of spirit, and may even be convinced they experience a lot of coincidences. Yet, there are others who may experience this beautiful gift in a much different way, being acutely aware of it, andRead More

Observing Rather than Reacting

When we react to another emotionally, we give up our own control of what is within us to the person we are reacting to. When we react emotionally, it is actually a deep personal message from our own higher consciousness that there is an underlying issue within that has beenRead More

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