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Beloved Pets in Spirit Readings

Quite often I have had pets come through from the other side for others while doing spirit readings. In many instances, it has been the presence of the person I was reading for’s pet coming through in the reading that brought the most profound effect in either them, or even in one case I can think of, for the person’s spouse.

The one thing they all have in common, is that when pets come through, they often leave a very profound message, without even speaking, of course, but merely by their presence. Animals in spirit, however, can and do pass messages. For instance a dog once came through to me while reading for someone. I saw the a fawn Cocker Spaniel, then saw the spice ginger, so I knew she was telling me her name was Ginger. This beloved childhood pet actually provided the energy to help bring through a couple of loved ones that came behind her own validation of being there.

Another time that immediately comes to memory, is a time I was reading for a lady who, just before we started her reading, was jokingly talking about how she couldn’t believe her husband had watched the kids for her to have her appointment, as he didn’t believe in psychics, or even the afterlife at all. She remarked that he thinks we die, and that’s it. She was actually having a psychic reading, not a spirit reading, but just as we were finishing up, I began to hear the high pitched ringing sound that is immediately accompanied by the feelings of love and peace I start to feel when spirits are wishing to communicate a message. I saw a woman and then a man who gave me through feeling and understanding the ways and circumstances of their passing, then I was shown several specific things related to this couple. They were immediately validated by my client as being her in laws. As the energy started to pull back, I saw a very active German Shepherd, who was barking loudly his “Hello”. I had the immediate knowing he was once used in police work. I described to my client the dog, and that I felt he had been used in police work at some point. Then I heard, “Tell him we are here, happy, and Buddy is even with us.”, and then nothing more. Buddy turned out to be his cherished childhood friend, and the validation that came from that beautiful animal through a man’s wife, brought him to tears, and completely changed his thinking about what happens when we die. After that, he often felt his treasured friend was with him, and often had dreams of him, along with his parents.

Just like our loved ones who have passed on to the other side, our pets are also still with us. They are often around us offering us their comfort and love, as much, if not more, than they were here!

The messages that come through for a medium, may often mean nothing to the medium, but everything for the person the messages were intended for. Messages come through for the medium in a many ways. Spirit works with the messenger in any way that will bring the message across for the spirit to receive validation so further information may be passed. In other words, spirit will give the medium whatever will help them say the things that make sense to the person the messages are intended for.

I often receive messages in a variety of different ways from hearing directly names, or phrases, to symbolism that means something to me, from feeling (always), as well as seeing. When the presence of spirit energy is with me, I wait to start receiving in whatever way I do, and pass the information. Though a medium may often have little control over what spirits or loved ones actually do come through, the messages that come through are always profound, and often life changing.

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