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Your Heart is Calling

What do you love? Everyone loves something. What would you never tire of doing or learning about? What are your interests, talents, gifts, or those things that make you feel joyful when you do them? Questions such as these lead to the heart. They also lead to you being theRead More

The Attitude of Gratitude

No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. Emotions are energy, and that energy sets your vibration. Your vibration “asks” for what you want and need. The energy or emotion you feel sends out your request to the universe to beRead More

Think a New Thought

Living on the Flip Side

Are you aware that right now, at this moment in time, you are creating your life and all you experience and see around you? Literally what you are thinking and feeling right now, and giving your focus to right now, is planting the seeds of your future for you. Sure,Read More

Abraham Hicks ~ Setting Your Vibrational Tone

Retrain Your Brain

Does everything always seem to be going wrong for you? Do you find yourself not letting yourself get excited about an upcoming event just in case you are disappointed by the very event you are looking forward to? Do you find yourself not trusting others because you have found veryRead More

Breaking Through the Skin You’re In

Do you know yourself? Do you know the spirit who lives within you and has chosen this shell, this skin you are in, to house it in this lifetime? Do you know why you have chosen this particular shell? To everything, and I do mean everything, there is a reason.Read More

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