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Listening to Your Intuition

Believe it or not, even though I have read for others for well over 20 years, I am still guilty sometimes of not listening to my own intuition. Though psychics do not see things in their own lives with anywhere near the same sort of clarity as they do forRead More

Our Emotions Are Deep Messages To Ourselves

What we feel speaks to us so much more deeply than we often care to listen to, but if we do, our feelings are deep messages that can lead to deep healing within. We most often relate what causes us to feel certain emotions to people and circumstances outside ourselves.Read More

The Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame relationship is the most challenging of all soul connections you will encounter in any lifetime. It is a very special soul connection between two souls to bring massive spiritual growth to each other. This connection is a connection like no other, and any relationship you create togetherRead More

Observing Rather than Reacting

When we react to another emotionally, we give up our own control of what is within us to the person we are reacting to. When we react emotionally, it is actually a deep personal message from our own higher consciousness that there is an underlying issue within that has beenRead More

What’s in a Moment? Living in the Present

You may think this is an odd post from a psychic. I think the overall misconception with (especially) psychic readings is that people only come to us because they feel they need to know something about either the past or the future, when in actuality, a great many people getRead More

The Pathway is Through the Heart

It is vitally important to your happiness that you follow and do what speaks to your heart. If you are seeking your pathway, you will find it through the heart. Your search of your own pathway ultimately takes you through your own heart center, and through the journey of discoveringRead More

Energy Thieves

Energy Thieves – Who Are They? We have all met them – some call them energy suckers, others may call them psychic vampires, or energy vampires among various other names. Unfortunately, no matter what they are called, the effect they have on us is the same. Energy thieves are peopleRead More

Endings Are Only Beginnings

The only thing constant in life is change. ~ Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld Upon those who step into the same rivers flow other and yet other waters. All things . . . are in flux like a river. ~ Heraclitus – There are times when one door must close beforeRead More

8 Weeks to Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Do have paranormal experiences often, even as much as on a daily basis and wonder if those experiences point to natural psychic abilities? Do you have dreams that are too real, and then you find yourself too often standing in reality realizing the dream is happening in some way? DoRead More

Perception is Reality

How our lives go on a day to day basis largely depends on our perceptions of our own realities. Whether more and more positive things happen or more and more negative things happen depends on the energy of our thoughts or perceptions about the things. Our thoughts cause our emotionsRead More

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