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Communicating with the Universe

There are universal laws that we are governed by. These universal laws help to create our day to day reality. The way in which we communicate with God and our Universe has total power in what is manifested in our physical worlds.

There are those who say The Law of Attraction is a just “new age” mumbo jumbo. I can assure you those who are of such opinions have never experienced the law of attraction working positively in their lives.

As for the law of attraction being “new age”, it is actually the exact opposite of that. The Law of Attraction has been with us since the beginning of time, and is, in fact, a natural law of our universe and existence. It is ancient wisdom and knowing that many more people than can be imagined in the history of our planet have come to know intimately, and have applied to their being with miraculous results. That same ancient wisdom works just as well now as it ever has, and ever will, as it is part of who we are and why we are here!

Our emotions are powerful gifts we bring to ourselves through our own thought processes. Through our emotions we naturally attract what is a match to our emotional energy or vibration. Therefore, your emotions play the most important part in what you attract to your life!

Did you know changing your emotion only takes changing your thoughts in relation to what is causing the emotion? Literally by changing your perception, or how you see the situation you deem as causing the emotion, your emotion will change accordingly. Thus, what you are manifesting in your life also changes. The Law of Attraction literally brings every aspect of our lives to us through what we are thinking and feeling.

Learning to live within the laws of our universe for our spiritual growth and betterment is a journey of immense joy and beauty, as it brings into being the essence of who we truly are. It is a journey of learning to immediately navigate to positive, loving, compassionate thoughts, and learning to live in gratitude for every moment.

We are not meant to be impoverished in any way in our lives. We are meant to live joy and abundance. Through the natural law of attraction, you can learn the art of conscious, awake manifesting rather than manifesting haphazardly all that you do not truly want to be part of your life.

Just as our choices and decisions affect the outcome of our days, of equal importance is the way we think, and the way we feel. These two elements combined is how we are communicating with God and our Universe, and ultimately, asking for what we want.

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