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Developing Natural Mediumship

The gift of mediumship can seem much more like a burden than a gift when it has not been further developed to a state where it can actually be used in service of others. Doing so for the natural medium most often involves removing all fears associated with this beautiful gift. Where there are fears associated with this gift, they must first be worked through and taken to the deepest level. It is most often the case what helps to move through any fears the quickest, is simply understanding the gift better, and why we experience the things they do, and what they actually mean. Developing natural mediumship is not nearly as hard as most originally think it will be, or nearly as scary as they might have once thought.

Learning to use this beautiful gift in service of others is a journey of simply learning how spirit works, and how they work through you.

There is no one thing that fits with every single natural medium, as we are all individual people with individual purposes and themes to support our gifts in many different ways. Make no mistake, though, if you have natural mediumship, you have brought it in your toolbox of tools for both your own life, as well as to use in service of others!

Through the journey of learning to use your gift, you will also learn what your purposes and themes are in relation to those gifts, as well as your overall life. You will also learn what other gifts accompany this beautiful gift, as it never travels alone.

The more you learn to work with the gift, the more you will realize we are never alone. We are surrounded by loved ones, guides, and angels always.

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