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Different Meanings of Psychic Terms

There are so many different psychic terms being used to describe different types of psychic abilities these days, it is easy for one trying to identify their own natural psychic abilities, as well as those searching for a psychic’s help, to become very confused!

Here are some meanings of different psychic terms being used today, and what they actually mean:

Intuition – having “feelings” that one should or should not do something in question. Many describe intuition as having “feelings” about something in particular.

Clairvoyant – Clear seeing – People who are clairvoyant can see fast moving pictures, or stills of events, situations, circumstances and people in their mind’s eye.

Clairaudient – Clear hearing – People who are clairvoyant are able to hear information, and messages from spirits and/or ghosts, either audibly or within their own mind.

Medium – One who is able to communicate with those who are in spirit form, and/or ghost form. The communication can be varied, meaning they may see images, hear voices, be given signs, actually see and/or hear the spirit or ghost, or whatever is able to be used by the ghost or spirit to help them get the right message passed on, through mediumship combined with other gifts.

Physical Medium or Channel Medium – One who is a “channel” is one who is able to use their physical body in order for spirits to speak through them, through talking, writing, etc.

Psychic – The word psychic seems to be a “cover all” term for those with many different and varied gifts.

Empath – There are two types of empaths. There are those who literally feel others’ emotional energy, ones that actually feel others’ physical pain, and those who are both types. Empaths absorb energy and are also able to project energy.

Clairsentient – Clear feeling – one who is clairsentient is able to receive information through both emotional and physical sensations. The information may be received through “feeling” the information. Many also use this term to describe the gift that helps the psychic “just know” from receiving a “feeling”.

Claircognizant – Clear knowing – One who is claircognizant will have a “knowing” of information without being given the information in any other way. Many with this gift may feel like information “just shows up” in their mind.

Telepathic – One who can actually hear thoughts of others and communicate thoughts to others.

The term, Psychic Medium, in a sense, is generally a “throw all together” term. In essence, one who may call themselves a “psychic medium”, has the gift of mediumship combined with various other psychic abilities.

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