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Early Signs of Clairvoyance

Children who are naturally clairvoyant (able to see past, future and present events) often display a few common personality traits, however, each child is unique and will have different ways of coping with, as well as understanding this natural psychic ability. Here are a few common early signs of clairvoyance.

Spacing Out

Clairvoyance, in its undeveloped state, may bring visions that suddenly take one away from the “presence” of his/her current environment. During visions that come while the child is awake, the child’s facial expressions may change to suddenly show emotion that is out of place. The child’s eyes may become wider, or more alert in appearance, or they may suddenly close and remain closed for a few moments. He/She may not notice you at all when you are trying to avert his/her attention. They may or may not display emotion associated with the visions they see, depending on what it is they are actually seeing, and how it affects them emotionally. Other gifts the child may have in addition to natural clairvoyance can greatly affect how he/she reacts as well as copes.

Vivid Dreams/Nightmares

For many children, clairvoyance in its natural state seeps through in dreams. Vivid dreams may display moving pictures much like a “movie scene” during sleep hours. If the child is also an empath, he/she may also feel the emotions and/or pain associated with the images or scenes in their dreams. If their dreams are of a negative nature, they may be fearful of sleep. They may seem to have a hard time going to sleep, or will fight against going to bed, staying awake until they simply cannot any longer.

Precognitive Dreams/Visions
The child has dreams or visions of events which he/she describes in great detail, and they happen. If not described in detail, they may “panic” about needing certain items, etc., which make no sense, until the event happens.

Describing Places/Objects/People

If the child is describing places he/she has never been in great detail, or even things or situations they should have never come in contact with, these are huge signs of natural clairvoyance.

You may also find the child describing people dressed in clothing from a different era, or talking about things that have already ceased to exist or do not yet exist.

An Imaginary Friend that Seems Very Real

Though we often find imaginary friends more associated with the gift of mediumship, for children who are clairvoyant, there is often a very special relationship with a spirit guide. They need a great deal of support in the early years, and for this reason, they often see and interact with their guide(s). Some may even feel these things they see come from their guide, although they may not realize this entity is their guide.

While these are certainly not the only early signs of clairvoyance, these are a few that usually speak the loudest.

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