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Embracing Your Gifts

We all have gifts. Do you know what yours are? I truly believe, right down to the moment we are born, and how that relates to our talents and gifts, is planned. I truly believe we assist with that planning. Our strengths, talents, and information about what drives us, can all be found in our astrological birth charts.

This is yet another benefit of meditation. Connecting with your higher self is essential to really know what purpose your talents and gifts bring. This is invaluable to help yourself through the challenges and blocks that stand in the way of your full potential in this life.

I believe also planned, are our weaknesses and what we must overcome for our own unique spiritual growth. Understanding those challenges helps us get through them . Getting through them means we are able to radiate our talents and gifts to help others, and use them for the benefit of all.

Most of us know what our gifts are, but may not use them. Many have blocks or fear associated with their gifts, or what I like to call “family programming” to overcome. Some just haven’t yet discovered how to get from point A to point B. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, there is always more to learn on every subject.

I believe we are happiest when using our talents and gifts to help others, and in doing so, we truly live the life of our dreams.

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