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Empaths and Addiction

Empaths may often feel overwhelmed by all the emotion that seems to always be running through them, especially those who may not actually be fully aware of their empathic abilities, or those who have not yet learned to coexist peacefully with them.

Some empaths, even sometimes those who are aware of their abilities, may seek a way to “turn it off”, or numb the intensity of the emotion they are feeling. This seeking of a way, unfortunately, sometimes leads to addiction, or dependence on substances that they feel may help them better cope with, or even numb the abilities for a while.

We have all watched the nasty grasp of addiction of many empaths on our world stages with actors, writers, musicians, singers, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, the dependence creates a new set of problems, and does nothing to actually help the empath better cope, but instead makes coping even harder.

I am often asked by empaths who are struggling to cope with and peacefully exist with their abilities if there is a way to turn it off, or make it go away. The answer to that question is, no, you cannot. While you can manage to numb it in a variety of unhealthy ways, the effects of doing so wreak havoc upon the physical and mental state of the empath.

There are many who follow the route of trying to rid themselves of this gift, however, ultimately, the path of destruction ends up leading back to the place of finally learning to coexist with the gift of empathy.

If you are an empath, it is a part of who you are that runs so much deeper than just who you are here and now in this lifetime. If you perceive this gift as being negative, you will inevitably struggle with learning to live with this beautiful gift of feeling. There is reason you are empathic. Only in learning to work with your empathic abilities will you begin to see its purpose in your life.

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