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Empaths and Creative Gifts

Empaths feel intensely, and literally absorb the emotions of others. Empaths are very creative individuals as well. In fact, empaths always have creative gifts that accompany the gift of empathy. Though the empath may not even be aware of the ability, they also project their own emotion through just being, and more intensely through their creative gifts. Art, in all its forms, is, after all, the beautiful expression of emotion. It makes beautiful sense that one who literally absorbs emotion has an outlet, as a “built in” coping mechanism, for all of that emotion.

Creative gifts such as writing, painting, sketching, photography, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and even creative gifts such as a natural talent for creative woodworking, are only a very few talents associated with empaths. Creative gifts come in many forms, as do the personalities of the empaths, thus we see them creating in any way that speaks through them.

Looking back over history, one can naturally assume that all the great creators and inventors of our times from poets, and writers, to various forms of artists, as well as musicians, singers, actors, and our greatest scientific inventors, were also empaths.

These people who became well known truly infused their work with all of their emotion and energy. Determination also played a large role in their lives in one fashion or another, be it to “overcome” or to “succeed” in areas where they felt an urgency to do so.

The beauty of creativity is that it takes the creator inside. Creativity and creative ideas are born in the space that is only found inside. It is found in the heart, and spawned into action with passion, without fear, through following the soul’s urging and/or the urging of a simple knowing of a much larger plan. When spending time in that creative “space” there is not one who will not become more spiritual over time, and who will not gain a deeper understanding of the oneness that is.

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