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Empathy – Psychic Ability or Mediumship?

This is a very common question that gets asked in many different forms by natural empaths as well as natural mediums that I work with to further develop their gifts. Although it very often accompanies the gift of mediumship, empathic ability is actually one of the clairs (Clair means clear), and is a psychic ability. Empathy is actually short for clairempathy which simply means clear feeling. An empath is one who feels the vibrations (energy) of people, animals, plants, etc. You could say, where as one who views auras actually sees them, the empath actually feels them.

The gift of empathy is a strong gift of discernment, but probably the hardest one to learn to coexist with in the beginning of your psychic development journey. However, once you are better resonating with the gift, it will most likely become your favorite to work with in helping others to heal in some way. There are blessed reasons for having this beautiful gift. The journey of the empath is all about learning those reasons through growing with the gift.

It is also true this beautiful gift never travels alone. It always accompanies other psychic abilities and/or medium abilities, and is also always accompanied by a creative gift such as writing, art, voice, speaking, music, acting, or any others that fall within the creative category.

Empathy, when managed well, becomes a wonderful tool to use in service of others for healing in many different ways. It also becomes a tool to assist mankind on a much greater scale when fully realized. It is also a gift that carries with it a great responsibility.

Having strong empathic abilities can be very rocky and very much like an emotional roller coaster ride before you have fully awakened to the gifts within the gift, have come to better understand it, and ultimately learned to manage your own vibration while detaching from all that does not belong in your vibration field within the framework of daily life.

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