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Empathy – The Gift of Healing

Empaths are healers. One who carries the gift of empathy, also always carries healing ability of some type or form, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Part of the journey of being an empath and becoming more aware of the gift, may also cause one to realize they are able to make others feel better in some way, either physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Many empaths find their way into metaphysical healing fields involving the healing of one’s energy, however others are meant for one or more other career paths involving healing in some way.

The empath who is fully and consciously aware of the beautiful healing abilities that accompany the gift, works very hard along the journey learning to better wield emotions and energy, and, in turn, use those same emotions and energy to heal others.

The gift of empathy is a powerful gift that holds many different aspects, that once learned to cope with and fully understand, can become a multifaceted blessing to both the holder of the gifts, as well as those the empath is able to help heal in some way.

Many learn early on to let the guides and angels work through them to facilitate the clearing of negative energy and emotional patterns as well as heal the damage that has occurred as a result of those patterns, however, some may be using their empathic abilities in many other ways long before they realize they also carry healing energy.

The ways in which the empath uses their ability to heal are many, and will vary from empath to empath depending on their life themes and purposes with the gift in this lifetime.

Because empathy is a gift of healing, many empaths find themselves drawn to careers in the medical field because of their natural desire to heal others. Unfortunately though, with most, they may find themselves quickly overwhelmed emotionally which also may cause mental, and physical exhaustion as well. At that point, they may feel lost until they gain better understanding of the gift, learn coping skills, and ultimately learn to use energy to heal. After doing so, most find themselves following a totally different career path in order to help heal others.

Because empathy is such a powerful gift, it can feel more like a burden than a gift until the empath becomes more aware and conscious of how this beautiful gift works and what its purpose is. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful of spiritual gifts. It is the gift of healing.

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