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Energy Thieves – Who Are They?

We have all met them – some call them energy suckers, others may call them psychic vampires, or energy vampires among various other names. Unfortunately, no matter what they are called, the effect they have on us is the same.

Energy thieves are people who literally drain you of emotional energy. There are many who are completely unaware they do this to others. They are just trapped in their own emotional negativity and completely oblivious to the effect they have on others. They are the people in your life who constantly complain, but never care to find workable solutions to their problems. They are also the people who seem to constantly have major emotional drama, or worse yet, obsessive emotional mindsets that never seem to clear.

There are also some who are quite aware of what they are doing, and may do it intentionally on a whole different level entirely to be able to gain the energy they need for their own well being or higher state for whatever purpose it serves them. We tend to come into the company of these types when we are at high states of vibration, and abundance is naturally flowing. As we meet these energy thieves, they will be near rock bottom. Those of us who are here for rescue, especially those who are empaths, will encounter these types more so than others. These will also have a lot of emotional “baggage” or drama they either participate in or create.

Energy Thieves run in high states of emotion, mostly of the negative variety. They may often seem angry, sad, or even depressed. Deeper relationships with one will often result in continuously trying to please one whose standards will always be too high to reach. Energy thieves often seem very selfish and have little regard for how their actions are effecting your life or even your sanity!

How to Prevent Being Emotionally Drained by Someone

The best advice I can give in this regard, is to stay away from someone who is continuously draining you of every ounce of your emotional energy. I know that can sometimes be easier said than done, but you must make that commitment to yourself to not allow it for your own well being. Whether or not you allow this to be done to you, will not change whether or not the person will continue it. I assure you, they will move on to someone else!

If the person who is constantly draining you is someone you cannot control having to be around, such as in your daily work environment, there are still some things that can offer a little help such as certain natural crystals being in the environment, and natural salt lamps. It may also help you greatly to imagine yourself before walking in surrounded by a great white bubble that you ask for no negative energy to penetrate. If you are in an office or environment where you are able to, try listening to calming music periodically by headset.

Remember, there is a big difference between someone who is going through a hard emotional time and someone who this is a natural characteristic of!

Energy thieves can only continue to drain us emotionally in most instances if we allow them to. In this instance, as well as all instances, think of your mental and emotional well being, and do your best to be in the company of those who equally and mutually resonate to a positive frequency.

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