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Finding the Path of Your Heart

There is Only One You

You are a unique creation. You are also a creator. There is no path exactly like yours, therefore, there is no one else who can walk your path besides you. The you that is here and now, living this life, has paths to choose from. You were given personality traits, desires, talents, gifts, and circumstances to use as tools for your own personal growth, and the growth of those around you during your life here, as well as to follow the path that brings you the most joy.

If your job is just a job, then it isn’t the right job for you. Our work is meant to bring us pleasure and abundance. If you are just working a job, then you are certainly not doing what you love for a living. Doing what you enjoy is of extreme importance to your life and what you are able to create or manifest in your life.

Though it is our attitude about life circumstances and situations that truly affect our days and our perception of all that is around us, if you are doing what you love and actually living from your heart, you will find that it is really hard to not have a positive outlook and attitude. When we are enjoying what we are doing, we feel happy, and we cannot help but to express that happiness.

Our Talents and Gifts Are a Service to Others

Is there a subject that has always fascinated you since childhood? What things ignite the “flames” within you, that you can never seem to get enough of? What do you prefer to do most in your spare time? These are important questions on the road to truly living from the heart. Our interests exist for a reason. They are important life tools.

Try doing something with those interests. When we do what interests us, then our work is fascinating, and we look forward to the work we do each day.

Doing What You Love Brings Abundance in Many Forms

Those who have a talent, love using it. For instance, a writer loves to write, and a pianist loves to play! It is not lack of love for talent(s), (or lack of talents), that generally holds one back, but fears carried within.

Know within you that you were given the gifts, talents, and desires you were given for a reason. You were given them to use, and you were also given the ability to be successful using them!

It is much more than trusting yourself. It is about trusting the greater plan that was created for you. Strip yourself of all your fears and doubts, put one foot in front of the other, and walk the path that is only yours to walk!

If your focus is on creating from the heart, success will follow you.

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