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Following Your Intuition

Intuition is something we all have. At some point it I believe it will be acknowledged as one of our actual physical senses. Whether or not you pay attention to your intuition is each our individual choice. For me, thinking about this as a choice seems almost absurd, being that intuition is indeed included among our senses. I mean, do you smell a heavy smell of gas inside a building, and walk in there anyway? Not usually! What about if you see a man with a gun? Do you move towards him anyway, even though you see he is carrying a gun? These thoughts may seem outrageous, but only because both smell and sight are recognized senses, and all accept them as being part of our five senses.

Intuition exists for a reason, just the same as our five acknowledged senses. To not listen to it is to deny its existence, which many do day after day, year after year because someone once dubbed it as being “supernatural” or non existent in all. Those who actually acknowledged having this additional sense, paid attention to it, used it and spoke of it, became the unusual. I would be willing to bet they were also the most successful.

Our senses aid us through life, thus so does our intuition. In order for intuition to be more common place in your day to day life, all you need to do is pay more attention to it, and be grateful for it. It is truly that simple.

There is not one person on this planet who has not experienced their own intuition at least during some point in their life. Intuition is simply that little voice that told you to turn right though you usually turn left last week that kept you safely from a wreck, or the knowing of who is calling on the telephone before it rings, or even just that little voice that helps you make choices based on your feelings about circumstances and situations.

Our intuition is a tool of guidance that is built in to help us stay on our pathway. To not listen to it, is to create your own insurmountable obstacles. Since it is a tool for us in our lives, following it keeps us moving in the right directions.

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