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Get in Touch With You

Truly knowing yourself is half the battle when it comes to living the life of your dreams. The more you know yourself, the more you are able to empower yourself. If you know yourself, then you know what motivates you, what environments most stimulate you, energize you, and inspire you. You also know what you love, what excites you, and what makes you feel at peace.

We are truly serving when we are being true to who we are. When we are doing what we love we are radiating happiness, and extremely positive vibrations. Through doing what we love, we share our true selves, and in turn, whether it is our intent or not, we help others. There is no point from which you can start doing what you love that doesn’t ultimately bring you to the same point within where you realize your ability to create your life around you.

The natural law of attraction basically matches your vibration, no matter whether that vibration is positive or negative. The universe does not distinguish between the two. It only matches it. If you are enjoying what you are spending your time doing, then your vibration is naturally more positive, and thus brings more positive manifestations. It is really hard not to be in a good mood or exude positive vibrations if you are doing what you love doing. Abundance also flows much easier when you are serving through your natural talents and gifts.

Beyond just getting in touch with you, you must also be willing to accept you. Sometimes that very step may be the hardest part as you may be one of the many who are unwilling to accept those things that you actually do well, you do well for a reason. You may even be one of the ones who think your talents don’t fit in with the real world, and what you have to do to make a living, and what you enjoy or have talents in, are not related at all! But the truth is, if there wasn’t a place for it in your life, and you weren’t meant to use those talents and gifts to the best benefit for your life, you simply would not have them! A good portion of the journey of getting in touch with you, and ultimately living the life of your dreams, is learning to trust, and learning to believe in yourself to the extent you did before you actually came here!

We are all special in our very own unique ways, and we all have talents and gifts to offer in service to the world. We all have several pathways to choose from. Why not choose the path of your heart, and fully use all that you have brought with you here to use in this lifetime?

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