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Getting Rid of the Anxiety

The mind that is anxious about the future is miserable. – Marcus Annaeus Seneca

No matter how much we may sometimes want to, we cannot plan out and control every aspect of our future, at least not in the way that many may try to. However, the control of our future is within our own minds in the here and now.

The things is, by the natural law of attraction, the life we want and the things we desire for ourselves and our lives, are available to us. All we have to do is ask. It is all about learning to ask in a different way.

When we are in a state of anxiety, we are trying to live too far in the future. Through worrying about the negative outcomes, we are actually creating the negative outcomes through our thoughts and emotions. Feelings are caused by thought, therefore, when we are in a state of anxiety, we are in a state of fear for the unknown. Those feelings, in turn, are picked up by the universe as what you are asking for. Thus, you end up with what you didn’t want – a negative outcome.

Rather than worrying about future outcomes, and wasting all that energy creating one you don’t want, try turning your thinking around, which will in turn change your emotion, or what you are vibrating out to the universe to return to you. Great things are never created from a negative state of mind! It just isn’t the way things are designed to work!

Instead of spending your time thinking about all the possible negative outcomes, hold the image of what you really want in your mind, feel the feelings associated with having it, and know you will have it. Do that every time you catch yourself starting to worry about a future outcome, or start to feel anxiety. Do this until it becomes habit, and watch your anxiety melt away.

While our choices do effect our outcomes, far more what effects our outcomes is how we think and feel. After all, in addition to sending out our requests to the universe, our feelings and emotions guide us in our daily choices as well.

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