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Ghosts – What Do They Want From Us?

Seeing ghosts doesn’t necessarily make one know what they want or why they are hanging around. A lot of people who naturally see them may have a lot more fear than curiosity and may not have realized they can communicate with them as well. One who often sees ghosts is a natural medium. If you are a person who has always been able to see them or feel them, you are a natural medium, and there is a reason why you see them.

Just to make myself clearer, what I am referring to as a ghost is one who has passed from life, and has not yet gone with the light in spirit, or as some might say, crossed to the other side. Once in spirit, what they want is a different matter entirely.

What Causes One to Become a Ghost

There are a few different ways one might choose to stay behind after they have passed away. Most often it is because of a sudden or traumatic death, or some very strong emotional issue that has been left unresolved. Think of ghosts as just another person, and one who needs help.

A hard concept for us to grasp, is there is no such thing as time except here in the physical sense. One might say that time is an illusion of ours here on this side. What may be 100 years in our term of conception, to one who is lost or “stuck” here, is much different.

Those who may have had a sudden or traumatic death may be here for quite some time almost as if stuck in a time warp or a bad dream, and may actually not even realize they are dead. The simple realization of this on some level will often make those this is true for go ahead and cross to the other side.

Those who have a strong unresolved emotional issue are often another case entirely. In this case, most often they are quite aware they have passed and have made a conscious decision to stay here to try and resolve whatever this situation may be. In some cases, it may be justice. In other cases it may be love. There are certainly other cases as well. In most all of these cases, if there can be help to resolve whatever this emotional tie is, they will also go into the light on their own afterward.

The Many Ways a Ghost May Try to Communicate

If you are not a natural medium, you may find a ghost trying to get your attention by moving things, as well as making all types of noises they are able to make. However, if you are a natural medium, the majority of them will be aware they can communicate more clearly with you than others.

Natural mediumship most naturally comes to us through dreams. Those whose natural mediumship is stronger, may also find odd “coincidences” or even be aware someone is trying to communicate during the awake time.

As a ghost may be trying to share information about what has them stuck here, and what has them stuck here has a negative basis, the information received by a natural medium will also be of the same negative nature. To one that is also clairvoyant, they may literally be shown the events as they happened. For one who is clairaudient, the information may be heard instead. For one who is also empathic, all of the negative based emotion will be passed as feelings. For those who may have all of these natural gifts, the seeing, hearing, feeling may be experienced all at the same time, as in more of remote viewing, or these gifts may all come through separately as pieces of a proverbial puzzle. For these reasons, it is very helpful to keep a running journal of the events as they take place to help decipher the messages.

What Ghosts Ultimately Want

To put into one word what it is they want – Resolution. They want to be released from whatever it is that has them held here. Not only do they want it, so do the angels. The angels are always working to get these trapped entities back into the light of love where they are able to heal from the experiences of the life that has passed but still has them stuck here.

We always have the choice to be in the light of the love. Unfortunately these lost souls have lost that knowledge as they have traveled so far from the light, they are no longer aware of it.

A natural medium who works to rescue these lost souls works directly with the angels to help bring them back into the light of love on the other side. Any fear in doing so is unfounded as the force that surrounds the medium in help is much more powerful that anything that exists on this earth. If you are a natural medium, be confident in the fact that you are surrounded and assisted by the strongest force of love in existence, and please always keep in mind, as Virgil once said, “Love conquers all.”

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