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My husband’s grandmother recently died. She lived to be a ripe old age of 86. She was a very spiritual woman. She lived in God’s country in the middle of a valley in Hollytree, Alabama, with beautiful mountains and undeveloped green acres all around her.

Every morning, with coffee in hand, she sat out on her screened in porch and watched the birds. Redbirds were her favorite.

Even though she was not a young woman, her death was very quick and unexpected. She was a very practical and warm hearted woman that everyone in the valley, as well as her friends and family, loved to visit with just to listen to her wonderful stories.

She lived a very simple life, untouched by all the technology of our modern age. She preferred the quiet peace of God, and His beautiful sounds of nature she heard throughout her days, as she walked around caring for her animals, and tending her chores.

My husband, even though, I am a practicing psychic medium, and he sees evidence of the afterlife through me daily, was having a very hard time losing her. He could not bring himself to walk across the path from his mother’s house to his grandmother’s house after her death.

It had been several days since her death, when his uncle asked for his help in boarding up the house. He had called over to his mother’s house,where we were staying, asking my husband to meet him across the path he had walked so many times in his life.

He was very reluctant to go. I persuaded him to go, telling him I would go with him, and that I was sure if he went, she would send him a sign letting him know that she made it and that she was happy and okay.

We walked once again, the path to Granny’s house. Everything was quiet there, and my husband could not bring himself to go inside. His uncle had not arrived yet, so we stood in the middle of her backyard holding hands in total silence.

I thought to myself, “Granny, please show him you are okay. He really needs to know.”

Just a moment later, hundreds of paired redbirds swarmed the backyard all at once, landing near our feet, staying only a moment, then all flying away at the same time! Then only seconds later, it happened again. After a third, and final time, they circled us, and then they were gone. It was the most beautiful sign I had ever seen!

Thank you, Granny, for letting him know you are still alive and well on the other side!

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