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Having Frequent Paranormal Experiences

Are you a person who has frequent paranormal experiences, and you wonder why? Many paranormal experiences involve ghosts, or in other words, earth bound spirits. Ghosts are attracted to those with natural medium ability who can see, and/or hear them, and they will often do things, and make noises to try to get attention and let others know they are there. They will do these things in a haunted location whether a natural medium is around or not, however, paranormal activity tends to follow a natural medium around because the ghost is aware communication can happen with someone who has natural medium ability.

Although a great many paranormal experiences are caused by ghosts, certainly not all are. Some also include angels, aliens, and many other realms depending upon the natural ability and purposes belonging to the medium.

Regardless of what realm the paranormal experiences you are having are occurring from, there is definitely a reason you have them often. If it is contained to only one environment, then it is being caused by some type of energy or spirit attached to the location. However, if it happens everywhere you live, and at many places you go, then you are a natural medium.

Natural mediums are here for many different purposes.  Medium abilities, and the frequent paranormal experiences they produce, will coincide with those purposes. For instance, a few common purposes are  healing, truth, justice, experience,and  rescue, although there are many others. The realms that are natural to you will depend on which purposes.you are here to achieve with your medium ability.

Learning to work with natural medium ability, for some, can be a scary feat, but it is important to come to better understand this beautiful gift, what it means, why you have it, and let go of your fear of it to be able to see it for the beautiful gift it truly is.

I truly delight in helping other natural mediums learn to use, and gain confidence in their own natural ability, as well as find their purposes for having the gift, and finding their paths with it.










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