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Highly Sensitive People – Who Are They?

Highly sensitive people, or as they are often referred to, HSPs are people who are highly sensitive to all energies. They are very strong empaths, who hold empathy as their strongest gift. They are people who cannot watch violence of any kind, even on television, to include local and world news, documentaries, and even fictional based movies with violence in them.

They are people who feel everything intensely including other people’s emotional and physical pain, as well as any other living being or life force energy. They can literally feel the energy of plants, the atmosphere, changes in weather, and even the barometric pressure.

They are highly sensitive to even their own emotion, and they feel their own emotions very deeply and intensely. They are people who literally feel everything.

Highly sensitive people need lots of quiet and alone time to rejuvenate themselves, even if they are extroverts. They are usually naturally very selective about who they allow into their energy fields, as they are constantly absorbing the energy of everyone around them, and as a result may having a great deal of trouble coping when they have taken on too much of other people’s negative energy. They may also become physically sick when they are too emotionally overwhelmed with negativity.

They are people who feel love at the very core of their being, and project that love naturally, however, they are also very emotional people who can quickly “melt down” when they feel emotionally overwhelmed with negativity.

They are people who are also very easily over stimulated by too much noise, or activity around them, and may often isolate themselves rather than be in a crowded, loud, or even brightly lit place. They may seem to others to have “sensory issues” or problems processing too much sensory input.

They worry about other people’s feelings, and care deeply for others, often sacrificing themselves to help others who may be in pain emotionally.

They also take criticism very deeply and often have very intense reactions to criticism of any type from anyone, and especially from those they love the most. They may be as hurt as someone else might be by some tragic personal event.

They often prefer solo work environments so they may control the stimuli in their work environments, and thus, usually excel when working alone but within a team environment.

HSP’s are more common than one might think, with some estimating one in five people. Are you one of the highly sensitive people of this world?

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