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How Can I Tell if Any Are Still With Me?

Submitted by a reader:

Q. I have had many family members pass over. How can I tell if any are still with me. I try looking but I am not seeing.

Sincerely, Beverly

A. Thank you so much for your question Beverly!

Spirits visiting from the other side will use whatever they can to try to make their presence known to loved ones that will actually make their loved ones realize who they are. They may use animals, such as birds, especially if the person was known to enjoy certain types of birds or animals while they were still living. They may also use coins with certain year dates, smells you would automatically associate with the person (such as a favorite perfume or favorite flower while they were living, or even a dish they were known to often cook that would automatically bring the person to your mind)

Depending on your level of natural gifts (we all have natural gifts to some degree), you may even, all of the sudden, hear specific songs in your mind, or phrases associated with the person, that you would not normally think of associated with the specific person during their life here. They may also show up in photographs as orbs, especially during celebration times with their loved ones.

The most common way they will visit is through dreams. Our brains are more in a relaxed state when we are sleeping, allowing them to better communicate. When visiting through dreams, when you wake, you will feel as if they were really here with you, maybe even still “feeling” their presence, or still smelling their scent, etc. That is because they were actually visiting you!

Unless you are a medium, you would not necessarily see them. Even if you are a medium, you may not necessarily see them with your eyes, but may suddenly see them in your mind’s eye. Some mediums see spirits just as they see living people, however, many see them only in the mind’s eye, especially if the medium’s gifts are in raw form and undeveloped.


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