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How I Receive Information

I receive information in many different ways. I am clairvoaynt, which means I “see” frames of information, or fast moving pictures, or sometimes “still” pictures in my mind’s eye. At times, It is almost like watching a movie being fast forwarded in front of my eyes, as I catch bits and pieces of it “passing through”, except that I also may “feel” it. I can also see spirits and ghosts.

I am clairaudient, which means I hear information from the other side, as well as hear sounds pertaining to the person or situation I am reading. For example, if you ask me what you future spouse does for a living, when I focus in, I might hear the sound of construction machinery, and the pounding of nails, buzzing of saws, and a hollow echo of all these sounds together. Then I would tell you, he is in the construction industry. Another example, is when spirits are coming through from the other side, I hear their voices, and what they wish me to pass on to the person I am reading.

I am empathic, which means I literally feel others feelings and vibrational energy. It also means during those fast moving “movie” flashes, I feel everything I see taking place!

Sometimes, I just know things, like the information has been downloaded into my mind. In these instances, the channel I receive through is called claircognizance. This is the hardest to describe, because I don’t necessarily see, hear, or feel it, but at the same time, I might see, hear, or feel it! For example, you might ask me for information about your dear grandmother to help you validate it is actually her who is coming through, at which time, I have an overwhelming smell of channel no. 5, and the smell of apple pies baking, as well as just “know” certain facts about her. Or another, different example is, you might ask how old the person I am describing that I am connecting with was when they died or what they died from, and I just automatically “know” 82 and stroke, or I might be shown in various different ways so that I connect with the information in order to give it to you.

I am also a medium, which means I see, hear, smell, taste, and feel information from spirits on the other side. This enables me to connect them with you during your reading to validate for you their further existence, and helps to heal your grief over loosing your dear loved one.

Regardless of how I receive the information, it is here and available to you to help you along your journey during our reading!

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