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Intuition is a Natural Ability Within Us All

Have you ever heard the phone ring, and knew who it was before answering it? How about the time, you KNEW you shouldn’t go ahead with your plans and you did anyway, with disastrous results? Remember thinking afterward how you wished you had paid attention to “that little feeling inside you”? “That little feeling” or “gut knowing” is called intuition, and it is available to all of us!

Intuition is a natural sense, just as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling is. Every single one of us has natural intuition built in and grown within us to use or not use. It is truly your own ability to receive information that is not readily seen or heard in order to help guide you through your journey here. To not use this sense, would be just as bad as walking around with your eyes closed or your ears covered throughout your days!

To learn to use your natural intuition is actually very simple. It only requires that you pay attention to it, and listen to it. It is there to help you in your daily decision making, and to help guide you. By paying attention to it, you are honoring, and respecting both yourself, and your natural ability to receive information.

What we pay attention to, as well as what we are grateful for, increases. When you pay more attention to your natural intuition and feel gratitude for it, rather than shrugging it off as some coincidence, you will in turn receive more guidance from your intuition.

When you get those little “gut feelings” of intuition, listen to them. Try thanking your guide for passing that tidbit of information through your natural receiver, and just notice what happens from there. That little bit of validation from you back to the spirit world on the other side, brings a touch of magic. Intuition, as with anything else, multiplies when you acknowledge it and are grateful for it.


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