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Listening to Your Intuition

Believe it or not, even though I have read for others for well over 20 years, I am still guilty sometimes of not listening to my own intuition. Though psychics do not see things in their own lives with anywhere near the same sort of clarity as they do for others, we all have that wonderful thing where the guides give us a little nudging that we call intuition. Often we look back and wish we had paid more attention, and listened to it. So why don’t we?

For me, the times when I don’t listen to my own intuition are times when I’m not “in the moment”. When I am in a hurry and trying to accomplish multiple things at a time, and worrying about other things I need to do as well, I can tend to dismiss it as my own thought, just like anyone else.

We all have those stories about things that happened in our lives after we didn’t follow that little voice of intuition that tried to forewarn us. I had such an instance today. I had just finished the last draft of several blog posts. I saved them all, as I often do, as drafts to come back later, read back over each one last time, then publish them. I was needing to run a few errands, and had worked much later than I had planned to. Right before I stood up, I had this feeling, and thought, “I should take the time and publish them now.” I knew if I did, I would not have time to finish all the errands I needed to run, so I jumped up and left. I returned home to find an outage with our internet service provider. When we finally got internet back, I had somehow lost over half of what I had written. What was my first thought? That’s right. I should have listened to my intuition! You would think I would have learned this lesson long ago, but obviously, I still sometimes need reminding.

I find living in the moment takes care of this little mishap for me. When we pay attention, and are truly in the moment, the guidance we need is always available to us. One of my students asked me if I thought it meant they shouldn’t be published, but I actually I think the very opposite of that. They were meant to be, and I was given a choice by being forewarned by that little voice of intuition.

Intuition is available to us all. When you listen to your intuition, there is never a case where you wish you hadn’t, right? It is only when you didn’t! Therefore, listening to your intuition cannot steer you in the wrong direction. After all, consider the divine source that gave it!

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