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8 Weeks to Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Do have paranormal experiences often, even as much as on a daily basis and wonder if those experiences point to natural psychic abilities?

Do you have dreams that are too real, and then you find yourself too often standing in reality realizing the dream is happening in some way?

Do you often wake between 3 and 4 am and feel you aren’t alone?

Do you just know things sometimes, and end up having those things validated, like for instance you think of someone out of the blue then hear from that person?

Do you see scenes of information in your mind’s eye but have no idea what they mean or where they are coming from?

Do you hear someone speaking to you (even telepathically) but you are alone? (You may even question whether it was your own “thought” or imagination.)

Do you feel changes in the atmosphere or energy fields around you, or feel others’ emotions and/or physical pain?

Do you have vivid dreams of loved ones or others who have passed to the other side where you feel after waking you were just visited rather than having been dreaming?

Do you feel drawn to the metaphysical in some way or researched different ways to access the metaphysical world?

Do you know you have natural psychic abilities, but you don’t know what to do with them?

Helping YOU to fully realize and utilize your natural gifts whether those gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, empathic abilities, mediumship, or psychic abilities by any other name, is a passion for me. I help you work through your fears to be able to learn more about your gifts. If your fears are limited, we will begin with helping you learning better control so that you are using your gifts instead of your gifts using you!

I have developed an 8 week one on one program that can be easily adjusted to fit each person’s unique strengths and goals for their individual gifts, and have worked with many people with my system, and watched them flourish in service to others through their gifts afterward. The program can also be taken in two week increments for those who feel that would best suit their schedules.

What We Will Accomplish in 8 Weeks

We will identify your strongest gifts.

We will identify the pathway for your gifts.

We will develop some goals for you based on your own comfort level.

You will learn to release any and all fears associated with your natural gifts.

We will do exercises to strengthen your gifts.

You will learn to validate the information you receive.

You will learn to bring your visions from dream state to awake time.

You will learn to ground yourself.

You will learn valuable coping skills.

You will learn to conduct a reading through practice readings.

You will learn how to get your services out to the world.

I also offer a 30 minute psychic development consultation for us to discuss or have your questions answered about your experiences to validate what your gifts are through the guides, (and through yourself), to see whether this program is a fit for what you are hoping to accomplish.

I feel very grateful to have met and worked with those who have felt drawn to me, and extremely grateful I have been able to watch each and every one come to fully utilize those beautiful abilities that once upon a time were very confusing, as well as those whose gifts once felt more like a curse than gifts. I feel blessed to have helped so many special souls to find their unique pathways with their natural gifts.

I am happy to help you in any way I can with learning to better cope with, and work with your natural psychic abilities.

Psychic Abilities – A Curse or a Gift?

When psychic abilities abilities are raw, or rather in their natural undeveloped state, they may often seem as if they are a curse rather than a gift. Our abilities, whether they are empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, precognitive, claircognizance, clairsentient, mediumship, or any other metaphysical abilities naturally follow the law of attraction within our sphere of experience, just like everything else.

When we are filled with fears, we naturally connect with that which is negative, as fear reinforces fear, and brings more fearful experiences. I love helping others with natural psychic, and medium abilities jump over the negative hurdles, whatever they may be, that keep them held back from being able to experience and embrace the beautiful gifts that they truly are.

Quite simply put, we have gifts of spirit for reasons, and as with all gifts whether they are creative in spirit, or helping others in spirit through our psychic abilities, we are meant to use them in service of others. You brought a sack of tools with you when you came into this life, if you will look at like this for a moment. Why bring a toolbox of tools to use to build a home, and never open the toolbox?

Getting through the fears associated with the natural psychic abilities, for some, is the toughest part of their journey. For others, the curiosity of things may have long outweighed the fears, or they may have naturally thought more positively, keeping their energy at a higher vibration, so they may not have experienced a lot of fear in that particular area. Still others may have other fears, such as fear of trusting, or even fears of others thinking they are crazy holding them back from learning to fully utilize their gifts.

Regardless of what the fears are, I am passionate about helping release them by teaching coping skills that work for each individual, ways other gifts combine to give further clarity, setting intention, raising vibrations, teaching grounding techniques, and how to put all those things together to bring validation to natural psychic abilities.

I have worked with many people with natural psychic and medium abilities, and it is quite simply put, a beautiful experience to watch others blossom with their gifts, be able to help others, and experience their abilities as the true gift that they are, as well as use them for the purpose they were meant to be used. Our reasons for having them may be varied due to different personalities and life themes, nevertheless though, for each person who carries these gifts, there is indeed a reason, and there is the courage to learn to coexist with them and use them.

Psychic Development Consultation
Psychic Development Sessions
8 Week Psychic Development Course

Psychic Development Consultation

I am now offering a psychic development consultation as a 30 minute service for all of you who have questions in relation to the experiences you have had, and wonder if these experiences point to natural psychic abilities, mediumship abilities, empathic abilities, or natural spiritual gifts of any form.

They are also for those of you who would like to validate and learn more about your natural abilities, as well as those of you who already know you have natural gifts, but are unsure of which course of action is best for you to help you with further development of those gifts. They are also for those needing help to better understand natural empathic, mediumship, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant abilities.

If you have questions in regard to paranormal experiences you have had, questions as to your natural abilities to include questions about what is actually going on when you are having these experiences, wish to learn more about your natural abilities, or you are already accepting of your gifts, and ready to develop them but are unsure which course of action to take in learning to use your natural abilities. this session is for you.

I have added this session because I have so many emails in regard to these types questions when others are trying to decide whether psychic development sessions will benefit them. I will look forward to helping you with your psychic development journey through these new sessions. Learn more about requesting your appointment for this new service.

8 Week One on One Psychic Development Course
Psychic Development Options

Crystals for Health and Healing

If you are familiar with the healing power of crystals, and you’ve never visited Crystal-Wizard, you are in for a special treat. You will find crystal beads, geodes, spheres, and tumbled crystals just to name a few of their unique offerings of crystals, as well as a great deal of information about each crystal’s healing properties.

In addition to a wide array of good quality crystals, this online store also donates 15% of their proceeds to child abuse and animal charities.

Below are a just a couple of their wonderful crystal spheres, with the descriptions that accompany them on the site.

Lemurian Crystal Seed Sphere

Lemuria is the name of a fabled ancient civilization believed to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean many thousands of years ago. The volcanos of Hawaii and other Polynesian islands are thought by some to be the tops of the ancient Lemurian Mountains. Element: Earth, Wind Chakras: Crown(7th), Soul Star(8th) Weight and Height: 158g (5 1/8): 2″ (diameter) (5cm) Lemurian Seed Crystals allow one to access expanded states of consciousness easily and comfortabley and enable one to receive guidance from one’s Higher Self, one’s Soul-level energy and one’s highest guides. Note: Rainbow inside

Tiger Eye Sphere

Tiger Eye 404g or 14 1/4oz 2 1/2" or 6 1/2cm diameter Found in South Africa, and also in India, Burma, Western Australia and the USA. Tiger Eye grounds the energy of Solar Ray into the earth. It carries the frequencies of creation-of sunlight upon the soil. It helps one live as a balanced and integrated spirit and actualizing spirit through mundane things. It help those who tend ot go to the extreme find equilibrium in their emotional lives. It is strengthening to the endocrine system and assists in bringing one's hormones and biochemistry into balance. A stone of mental clarity. Sharpens the sword of logic. It opens the mind to paradox, enabling one to simutaneously hold contradictory ideas in a nonjudgmental acceptance that does not try to ‘solve’ the conflict by favoring one. Such thinking is indispensible as one enters higher states of consciousness.

Psychic and Medium Development Sessions

Signs of Spirit

Those we love who have already crossed to the other side are still with us for every important moment in our lives. They are often around us, and do many things to try and let us know they are there. You do not have to be a psychic medium to see the signs they are still with you. You just have to pay attention. The more you acknowledge their signs, the more they will use those signs to let you know when they are around you.

Signs of spirits visiting from the other side are completely different from those signs that let us know ghosts (those who are stuck here) are around us. Our loved ones who have crossed will often send signs that will make us think of them, though many will shrug these signs off as coincidences.


Some examples of smells spirits will use to let us know they are with us are perfumes, colognes, favorite flowers, and even certain dishes cooking that we might associate with them, such as a favorite pie a grandmother used to cook especially for you.


The most common examples of spirit using animals to make their presence known are using various types of birds and butterflies. Examples are birds or butterflies coming really close to you, or hovering very near a window where you are sitting. When animals are used, their behavior is highly unusual to the point where you realize something else is at work. A perfect example is a beloved grandmother collected hummingbirds, and hummingbirds seem to always be near the window where the granddaughter sits, as if peering in at her or trying to get her attention.


A couple of examples of music being used, is a woman whose love has passed on, will start hearing a song in her head that was a special song for the couple, and immediately makes her think of him, or a very old song that meant something to them is played on a radio station while she is in her car driving down the road that is unusual for that particular station to play.


Pennies being noticed on the floor in odd places in one’s pathway, where often the person did not notice a penny just moments before. Pay particular attention to the date on the pennies when this happens, and you will find the year being either significant to a loved one who has already crossed to the other side, or significant to your relationship with the person such as the year you married, the year of the person’s birth, or if you had a child together, the year your child was born. In these cases, the year will stand out. For example, it may be that it is unusual to find a penny that is so old just laying somewhere unusual in your path.


Another very common sign is orbs in photographs that cannot be explained, such as a group photo taken at a family gathering, or a special family event, in which there is a space between two people in the photo where the orb appears.

These are just a few common signs that your loved one is around you. You may find many other unusual signs that suddenly make you think of your loved one out of the blue. The more you pay attention, the more you will notice their signs!

Family Spirits in Photographs
Pennies From Heaven
Spirit Readings

Perception is Reality

How our lives go on a day to day basis largely depends on our perceptions of our own realities. Whether more and more positive things happen or more and more negative things happen depends on the energy of our thoughts or perceptions about the things. Our thoughts cause our emotions and combine with them to form our vibration. Through that vibration, we are asking the universe for what we want, whether we are fully aware of that fact or not.

By being consciously aware of our thinking, and training our brains to think and see always the positive, we can truly completely change our lives, and a great deal of the experiences that are brought to our lives. I have witnessed this often in my own life and the lives of others as well as the reverse type thinking. I have also witnessed the dramatic changes in others’ lives once they committed to retraining themselves to be mindful of coming from a place of gratitude and love rather than focusing on the negative. The more we let go of the negative and enforce the positive, the less negative we see, and the more positive we see, in both our surroundings, as well as others we attract into our lives.

We must also be mindful of loving ourselves. Forgive yourself. It is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Let go of the past and any previous experiences you may feel you could have better handled. Take what you have learned about yourself through the experience, and be grateful for what you have learned. Live right now, in this moment.

The deeper we go inside ourselves for answers, the more clear things become. If you don’t have a daily meditation routine, I highly recommend developing one. It is a wonderful thing to do to get in your heart center, and truly know how best for you, as the individual you are, to live from the heart.

Doing what brings us joy keeps our energy in a more loving and positive state. If you aren’t able to love what you are doing, then find what you do love, and do it instead! There is not a way to go wrong when we live from the heart.

We Are Powerful Creators
Finding the Path of Your Heart

The Heart of Life

This I know, not only because I have been shown this by working with guides, but I have also seen validation of it over and over through my own life as well as through my connections with, and for others. We are meant to follow our hearts. We are meant to follow that which interests us deeply, or touches us deeply. Call it a road map for life from the inside. That’s truly what it is!

We have brought with us our own set of tools when we were born here. Our tools consist of previous experiences, personality traits we have here and now, which bring talents, gifts, and deep interests, as well as tools from many other resources we have to draw from.

It truly isn’t as difficult as many of us seem to want to make it! For so many, what calls the heart is so clear for others around them to see, and inside ourselves we see it as well. The struggle we have most often doesn’t lie in not knowing what we are deeply attracted to. Instead it lies within our own thinking patterns or dialogues within ourselves. Our obstacles along the path of the heart are truly created from within ourselves, and therefore, we have to get inside ourselves to rid ourselves of them.

Self doubt is the number one thing that keeps us from utilizing our talents and gifts to live the life of our dreams. The little voice inside your head when you think of writing that book, or whatever it is that you feel you want to do, that comes up with a million excuses about why you can’t. Those excuses just cover up the real issue, and the real issue really lies in what you are afraid of.

Get to the heart of what is creating the obstacles within you, heal them, and release them. From that moment forward when that negative little voice starts inside your head, replace with a positive thought related to your future success. It can take a little work, but with your own commitment to yourself, you can eliminate the negative self talk that is keeping you from setting goals that get you closer and closer to the life of your dreams.

Believe in yourself completely. You chose to come here with the gifts and the talents you brought with you to make the best life possible for yourself and be a living example for others to do the same. Trust that, and know there is a much bigger plan for yourself than you are allowing for yourself on the subconscious level. Know there is a higher consciousness within you that knew you could be successful with your talents here and now. That’s why you brought them! We are happiest, and exuding the highest vibration levels and joining with others to release them into mass consciousness when we are doing what we love. In doing what you love, you not only help yourself, but mass amounts of others on both a conscious and a subconscious level.

We Are Powerful Creators
The Attitude of Gratitude

Now Scheduling Through Book Fresh

You may have noticed some changes around here lately! Book Fresh has been added for scheduling your appointment online. Requesting your appointment time and confirming your appointment is very simple process. The Book Fresh scheduling widget is now available on several pages here on the site, as well as on facebook. Payment is still securely processed by Paypal at the time of your appointment request. Check out how simple this wonderful scheduling service it is to use, and let us know how you like it!

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The Power of Music

Music is healing. Any musician, or singer realizes that early on as they find themselves turning to playing their musical instrument of choice, or using their own voice to release their own pain. Most even at some point come to realize they can even help heal others with their musical creations.

I began playing the piano at a very early age, as well as singing in church choir, and later learned to play the alto saxophone through public school. Although I always knew in playing music there was solace, release, and healing, as I often turned to it when needing to lift myself, it was not through my own playing that I learned the immense healing power of music. It was through my own child with autism.

My youngest son lost speech, eye contact, and attention span around 21 months. The early intervention therapist had one visit with him, and instructed us to get to a pediatric neurologist right away, as she knew immediately this was classic autism.

Everyone seemed to have a grim outlook. Most were telling us he would most likely not regain speech, and if he did, it would never be as it should be. I heard stories of how these children who lost speech triumphed over one day being able to say a few words here and there, and that we should rejoice with any improvement, but not to keep our expectations too high. I was told by the neurologist after waiting months to see him that we would just have to wait and see whether he would be high functioning or low functioning. He was officially diagnosed as Language Disorder with Autistic Features, or as the neurologist informed us, better known as autism spectrum disorder, as his very verbal older brother was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome the very same day.

I was unwilling to accept he would be non verbal for the rest of his life. I could see the soul inside, and I knew he had so much to say.

During this time while he was not communicating at all, we noticed that each time he heard music, he began to move his body, and look for the source of the sound. We began playing music often throughout the day by radio, playing instruments, and singing, all of which he responded more and more to. Our speech therapist, his teachers, and I soon began singing everything we said to him.

We watched in awe as the power of music brought him back. Just as suddenly as it left, his words came back. One day out of the blue, in a sing song voice, he asked for juice. I cried so hard while he stood there looking at me as if I had lost my mind! Then in a more frustrated tone of sing song, he asked again. I ran to the refrigerator and got it for him, and he sang, “Thank you, Mommy”!

Granted, that was only the beginning, and there was still a great deal of work to be done, as he still did not respond, or seem to know how to communicate his needs consistently, but what a beautiful beginning it was!

He is 10 years old now, and is able to fully communicate. He still has the classic signs of high functioning autism, but through the power of music, he quickly regained his ability to communicate verbally. It was still a very long road from there, as he still often had trouble communicating as he wanted and needed to for several years. He would become very frustrated in trying to find the words, or communicate his feelings. He was a head butter, and a runner. I often wondered how we would ever get through those years, but these days, there are no signs of those behaviors of frustration we saw all those years ago.

Obviously, he still has autism – high functioning autism, but he does not have nearly the challenges that so many professionals expected him to have, all because of the beautiful healing power of music.

Following Your Intuition
Get In Touch With You

The Ouija Board – A Tool?

I’m sure many of us out there who are interested in, or shown the paranormal side of life have at one time or another played with a Ouija Board. I actually asked for one for one of my young birthdays as a child. My sister and I, along with some of our friends played with it for quite some time before its demise at the hands of my mother by way of the burn pit. (which we were very much in favor of) That was after it had already been thrown out and had reappeared on three different occasions.

We had many experiences with the Ouija Board, none of which were of ANY positive favor, although being that we are both natural mediums, I believe our fear was the biggest problem!

What I learned was, it was not all like seeing, hearing, etc. all that I did as a child. It was certainly not like the feelings of love that came through with those visiting from the other side, or even the feelings of despair, and fear that I may have felt from those who are stuck here. I still don’t know all the reasons that this seemed to be true in my experiences with the board, but I do know you can communicate with spirits around you without opening some unknown portal to lost souls who will literally haunt you for many coming days!

When I asked for it, I was thinking that maybe it could help me control all that I was afraid of, but in retrospect, I think instead, it helped me realize I could find better ways to learn than having a lot of them all coming at me at once!

I do believe curiosity is sometimes key for some in releasing their fears associated with their own natural abilities, but I also know now it is important to know how to ground yourself and protect yourself especially before doing any work with the lower realms. Growing up psychic meant sometimes learning things the hard way!

The Ouija Board is just one of many divination tools. Tools work with the intent of the user, thus no tools are actually bad unless the intent is bad, however, if you have a lot of negative emotion, such as fear when you are receiving through your natural abilities, you will attract more of what you fear.

I highly recommend if you are going to work with any tools in exploration of or to open yourself to any natural abilities you may have through tools, or without tools, that you learn first how to ground and protect yourself, as well as release your fears!

Following Your Intuition
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