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Types of Mediums


There are basically two types of mediums, though there are variations of abilities with each type. There is what is known as a psychic medium (sometimes called a spirit medium), and what is known as a physical medium (sometimes called a trance medium, or a channel medium). A person canRead More

Ghosts – What Do They Want From Us?

Dead Childrens Playground

Seeing ghosts doesn’t necessarily make one know what they want or why they are hanging around. A lot of people who naturally see them may have a lot more fear than curiosity and may not have realized they can communicate with them as well. One who often sees ghosts isRead More

The Ouija Board – A Tool?


I’m sure many of us out there who are interested in, or shown the paranormal side of life have at one time or another played with a Ouija Board. I actually asked for one for one of my young birthdays as a child. My sister and I, along with someRead More

Strange Coincidences?

Submitted by a reader: Q. My name is Michele and I’ve been experiencing strange incidences. I am not sure if it means anything or if it is purely coincidental. One morning a few days ago, I woke up and turned the tv on and watched a program I never watchRead More

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