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Medium Abilities in Children

If adults can be mediums, then why would there not be children with medium abilities, as adults were once children! I am a firm believer that we all come into life with some memory of where we have been that begins to fade over the first few years, but then there are the other children who seem to see and hear things and people that others do not.

I so often have bewildered parents call and write to me about what their child medium is telling them. Some are scared, panicked, and yet others, who have similar ability are more calm, but all want to know what the best way is for them to support their child! Sometimes, they are afraid for the child, but the child actually has no fear! Other times, there are children who are a bit afraid when they realize they are “unique”. The parent’s attitude about the abilities make a huge impact for sure.

Signs Your Child is a Medium

He/She is often awake between 3am and 4 am.

Your child is often conversing with people others cannot see, or talking about conversations with a person or people you either do not know, or know to have died.

Your child knows facts about family members who died before he/she was born, and/or describes vivid dreams of them or visits with them.

Your child has “imaginary” friends.

He/She talks about seeing other people in the home others do not see.

Display ability for knowing when someone is close to dying

Your child describes the people he/she is talking to in being in a different era of clothing.

Your child is super sensitive about different environments, especially very old buildings, surrounded by antiques, low lighting, etc.

Your child often seems to “disappear” inside himself/herself.

There are certain rooms your child will not enter.

Orbs and other annomolies show up in pictures your child is in.

Certainly, not all of these signs need to be present, but if even a couple of these are true, you have a child who has natural medium abilities. Very often one (or even both) parents may also have this natural ability, or even if not, there is often other family members who were said to have had or have medium abilities such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. In my humble opinion from teaching others, it tends to show up in multiple generations, even if the abilities were not used. There may be stories of what Granny knew, or Uncle Tom stories about strange happenings.

Mediums who are not channel mediums, always also have psychic ability, so there may be many other signs of abilities that are not listed here, as these common signs are mostly associated with mediumship.

If your child has natural medium abilities, it is important that you listen to them, and not pass incidents off as their imagination. Positive support is best! It is natural to be afraid for you child, however, it is important that they not be afraid of their ability, thus it is important you do not instill fear in them about their ability.

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