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Observing Rather than Reacting

When we react to another emotionally, we give up our own control of what is within us to the person we are reacting to. When we react emotionally, it is actually a deep personal message from our own higher consciousness that there is an underlying issue within that has been touched and is in need of healing. If we take our emotional reaction as a message to ourselves, we can then let go of the need to physically react to the emotion in any way. We then become an observer who is having an experience to be learned from.

It may sometimes be hard to be grateful for these experiences, and even harder to be grateful for the soul connections that helped bring them to you at many emotional points, but it is true the most growth often comes from our greatest moments of high emotion. These states of emotion are brought through our soul connections, or better known as our relationships.

Most often when we are reacting rather than observing, we are reacting in a very negative fashion because the feelings prompting us to react are negatively based. If we can stop and realize these feelings are a higher message beforereacting, we can then allow ourselves to process this message when we have a moment to further evaluate the message, become calmer, and observe the actions and/or words that are being projected. When we are emotionally reacting, we are not able to observe the underlying circumstances of what is taking place because we are too involved in judging and therefore are not truly listening or observing.

There is a lot to be said for becoming one with the emotion within you. There are also always those beautiful reactions to beautiful emotions to be grateful for. It is having more of these experiences that bring us the emotions of the beauty of life. When we heal those things within us which cause us to react negatively emotionally, we leave room for more and more of the experiences that touch the happiness within us.

Let go of your expectations of others. The point where I was able to do that was a major turning point for this all emotion, triple water (astrologically speaking), empath. Learn to put your expectations only upon yourself. Remember also to lavish yourself with the love you so deserve. What we seek we find.

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