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Our Emotions Are Deep Messages To Ourselves

What we feel speaks to us so much more deeply than we often care to listen to, but if we do, our feelings are deep messages that can lead to deep healing within. We most often relate what causes us to feel certain emotions to people and circumstances outside ourselves. Although those situations/people may be triggers or catalysts, what ultimately causes our emotions are our own thoughts and perceptions, therefore, the emotion stems from within us, and not from outside us.

We attract people, things, and situations through our emotions and perceptions. Life is all about growing, and how we primarily grow is through our relationships and our emotions.

When I instantly have a strong negative emotional reaction to someone or something, I’ve learned the best thing I can do is stop myself from reacting in that moment, and instead ask myself one important question – What is being touched within me that is causing me to feel this way? I have found this leads me to an opportunity to heal within, and stop attracting that which is bringing those feelings within me.

It has also helped me a lot to realize that when someone has a strong negative reaction to me or something I have said or done, it is touching something within them that is need of healing, and ultimately has little to do with me and everything to do with what is needed within them.

Observing in the moment rather than reacting in the moment can be challenging, but if we learn to observe rather than react, there is a lot to be learned from our own emotions, which ultimately causes us to heal within, and change what we are attracting into our lives. We all would love to have more joyful experiences and less negative ones, right?

Pay close attention to your emotions, and the thoughts within you that produce them. It is through those emotions that we attract people, situations, and circumstances into our lives. How do you feel about yourself and why do you feel that way? Let go of negative programming that may have stemmed from someone else’s perceptions along the way, and realize their perception was caused by something within them!

It is simple to say changing your emotions through healing within what needs to be healed will change your life, but committing yourself to doing so, and putting in the work reaps great rewards!

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