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Our Loved Ones Are Always With Us

Our loved ones are always with us. They never truly leave us. They simply go back to the form they were before they came into the physical body. The other side is not another place. It is literally all around us. It is simply another dimension or frequency.

As a medium who has been actively working with the gift for many years, I can tell you, they are truly only a whisper away. For those who pay attention, signs can be seen often of their presence.

When we lose a loved one, it can be very tough missing their presence and the interaction we have had with them while we were on this plane together. What may take a little realizing though, is that we still can have an active relationship with them. It is just different than the one we had.

They want us to know they are around us and are supporting us. They can hear us when we talk to them. They give us many different signs they are around in response. All we have to do is pay attention.

Common Signs of Spirit

Finding multiple pennies in multiple odd spots

Finding feathers in strange places such as indoors when there is nowhere for them to come from

Birds (or other wild animals) coming unusually close to you and lingering

A special song associated with a loved one that just happens to come on the radio just as you turn it on, or just as you are thinking of that person

Dreams that feel more like visits than dreams

Scents associated with a loved one that just appear, such as a favorite perfume, or a favorite pie baking the person cooked often while living

Hearing three knocks

While these are only a few signs of spirit around, they are fairly common ones. When you pay attention, you will see signs all around of their presence still in your life. The more open you are to receiving their presence, the more you will know they are around!

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