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Past Lives in Psychic Readings

I always find it fascinating when I receive information about someone’s past lives through reading for them. Most often, in readings where past life information comes through it is because we are tracing an obstacle or because the person is at a point in life where things are not making sense at all.

Other instances have involved current relationships that are carried over from another place and time. I will begin to see people within events in a totally different place and time along with the knowing these are the same people. Our relationships are how we learn and grow here. We actually continue to work on many of those relationships and growth through many lifetimes, and even from many different perspectives. I will often be shown relationships of the past that are affecting relationships here and now.

Not to be confused with karmic relationships, many past life connections, and now connections simply show you are connected to a soul family. Soul families often incarnate together in different roles throughout many lifetimes. Soul family members do not necessarily have to be actual family members but may also be extended members, or even someone met early on in life that is always a part of your life.

For whatever the reason, when past lives show up while I am reading for someone, there is always healing and understanding that takes place. I am very interested in past life connections and the roles they play in our present lives. I plan to do much more research from many different perspectives including my own gifts and the validation that is often found through my own research. Although I am a natural psychic medium, I am also very research oriented as well as a deep thinker. Very often the answers I get lead me to more questions for my guides as well as more seeking of validation.

In my earlier days of doing psychic readings for others, I once had a couple who came to me to have separate readings back to back. They were divorced but classified their relationship as close friends. They had been married and divorced several times, but knew they made better friends. Neither seemed to be able to move on without the other, yet they knew they shouldn’t be together.

I saw a past life connection through both of them that explained so many different things about both of their lives as well as their connection to each other, and why it was so hard letting each other go this time around. It seems they were in a relationship before that did not work out well, and unfortunately afterward, feelings were felt too late, as after having gone home, she died in a fire. Thus in this lifetime, this man was almost obsessed with fire from a very early age. He was a fireman, and had gone through tons of training, and won all kinds of awards. He also met his wife very young, and always had an overwhelming need to keep his wife close to him and protected, so much so that he smothered her beyond belief! There were also many other things from her perspective that traced back to that previous relationship and its sudden ending, as well as recurring dreams of their past time together they both asked about relating to other events during that time.

Both later had a past life regression session through a hypnotherapist (their own idea and choosing) and in their own voices validated a lot of what I saw and received when reading for the two of them separately. They were also able to validate their previous existence. The end result was they were able to heal those past life memories that were still holding them up in their current lives.

When spirit works with the messenger, the information that is most needed, in the ways it is best understood by those who need to understand it, is what prevails no matter what that information actually is. As a messenger, I can definitely say, I do not always understand the message, but the people the messages are intended for do. For instance, I didn’t know why I saw this man surrounded by fire, but I did. I also felt his soul urgency toward fire and saving people from fire. What was strange was, if I analyzed who he was astrologically speaking, and life path speaking, that didn’t really match. Then as I passed that information, and he began to ask other questions, I began to see the connections from past to now.

In all instances where I have received information in relation to past lives, the relevance has been both fascinating as well as healing for the person who feels stuck or blocked. The end result is after releasing the past, they are able to become unblocked and finally begin carrying on with life here and now. I am not a hypnotherapist, though I have goals to become one. I am also not a psychologist, however, I do know many who gratefully assist in past life cell memories and further healing.

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