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Pennies From Heaven

Loved ones who have passed on to the other side are always trying to get us to notice they are still with us, or to communicate with us in any way they can. One of the perhaps most unusual sounding, but yet, a very common sign, is spirits will leave pennies in the path of one they love, just trying to make them pay attention to the unusualness of those pennies showing up in odd places throughout their day. I see this quite often.

A client once asked me, “Do spirits leave pennies around, and if they do, and I am not crazy, can you please tell me who is leaving them around me?” My answer drew us into a conversation about how, yes, spirits do leave pennies around, and the spirit who came through for me as leaving them often for her was her grandfather. He also brought with him a smell each time he left them, and just at the mention of that to her, before I could get it out, she jumped in and spoke for me, “His pipe tobacco. That’s how I knew it was him. I just needed confirmation it is actually him!” That mere validation brought such a beautiful feeling of excitement within her. It is truly hard for me to find the words to describe the beauty of the emotion that validation brings.

Both she and her mother were clients, and in her excitement, she could not wait to tell her mother that it was indeed her grandfather, and she was not going crazy! Time after time, just before the penny was noticed, she kept asking her mother, “Don’t you smell Papa’s pipe?. Her mother had jokingly said to her a couple of times, “I don’t ever smell a thing! I think you’re going crazy!”

They decided later that evening to collect the pennies from her grandfather. They labeled a quart jar, “Pennies From Heaven”, and sat it on the counter. Each day, they added pennies to the jar until the jar was full. After that, they started another, and laughed daily as they added to it, and openly spoke to him and acknowledged his presence there with them.

After a couple months had passed, I got a telephone call from her, and she was a little upset. The second jar never filled, and she wanted to know why he had stopped visiting her.

It wasn’t that he had stopped visiting. She had been going through some very trying times, and her grandfather had been around her a lot offering his strength and comfort, and doing his best to let her know he was there for her. Now that she was better, he just wasn’t making himself known as often. I told her to continue to talk to him and know that he is around, and she will find that he will still let her know he has popped in from time to time to visit.

After many years, we still talk, and each time we do, she always has more to share about the recent visits from her grandfather. He still continues to let her know he is with her.

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