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Perception is Reality

How our lives go on a day to day basis largely depends on our perceptions of our own realities. Whether more and more positive things happen or more and more negative things happen depends on the energy of our thoughts or perceptions about the things. Our thoughts cause our emotions and combine with them to form our vibration. Through that vibration, we are asking the universe for what we want, whether we are fully aware of that fact or not.

By being consciously aware of our thinking, and training our brains to think and see always the positive, we can truly completely change our lives, and a great deal of the experiences that are brought to our lives. I have witnessed this often in my own life and the lives of others as well as the reverse type thinking. I have also witnessed the dramatic changes in others’ lives once they committed to retraining themselves to be mindful of coming from a place of gratitude and love rather than focusing on the negative. The more we let go of the negative and enforce the positive, the less negative we see, and the more positive we see, in both our surroundings, as well as others we attract into our lives.

We must also be mindful of loving ourselves. Forgive yourself. It is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Let go of the past and any previous experiences you may feel you could have better handled. Take what you have learned about yourself through the experience, and be grateful for what you have learned. Live right now, in this moment.

The deeper we go inside ourselves for answers, the more clear things become. If you don’t have a daily meditation routine, I highly recommend developing one. It is a wonderful thing to do to get in your heart center, and truly know how best for you, as the individual you are, to live from the heart.

Doing what brings us joy keeps our energy in a more loving and positive state. If you aren’t able to love what you are doing, then find what you do love, and do it instead! There is not a way to go wrong when we live from the heart.

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