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Physical Illness and Empaths

Empaths, or “Sensitives” as we are sometimes called, are often prone to illness for a variety of reasons associated with the gift, however, there are certainly many ways of better learning to cope with the gift of empathy to be able to better control its effect on personal physical health.

Physical empaths can actually feel the physical pain of others, however, although they feel the other person’s pain, they do not take on the characteristics of the illness that is causing the pain. To the physical empath, though, just feeling the pain can have a great effect on life, especially if they are often around those in physical pain. Most often, removing themselves from the energy field of the person, causes the pain to go away.

Many physical empaths, because of their ability, are drawn to medical professions, as they feel a deep need to both help and heal others, however, many also lack learning how to effectively cope with their ability before entering the world of healing, and may often find themselves feeling a bit lost when they end up withdrawing and trying to find a new direction.

A far more serious situation can exist though with the emotional empath who constantly absorbs emotions from others in their energy field, and that is when all of these excess negative emotions build up within with no release, they can wreak havoc on the body. As some days may feel like an emotional roller coaster is taking place within, for the empath, having a good, or even multiple good ways to release all these excess emotions used on a daily basis is very important.

It is especially true that empaths who are spending a lot of time around someone who is depressed will take on the symptoms of depression, which in turn starts to effect the body through all the typical ways that depression normally effects a person’s body. For reasons such as this, empaths learn early on to control the energies in their environment as much as possible early on.

In growing with the ability, the empath will find a way to begin to accept these emotions as messages, and in turn learn ways to no longer take the “whole” of emotions in. Having a means of creative release is very important, even for the developed and experienced empath. A daily meditation route is also very helpful in clearing the energies and emotions taken in from others throughout the day.

The truth is, negative emotions make our bodies sick whether they are continuously felt by us as our own emotions, or whether they are taken in by one who is empathic through others. A positive based life as well as being surrounded by others with positive vibrations is the most beneficial by far for us all.

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