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Programming Your Crystals

by Cheryl Twyford of www.healingcrystals.com

If you wish to use your stones for a specific purpose, beyond their general characteristics, you will need to program them.  Intention and focus are key when programming crystals for particular task, such as healing, protection, and/or activation of chakras, among others.  Intention is in your program, but it, combined with focus, is also how you place your program into your crystal.  You also need focus when creating the program for your crystal.

An important thing to remember when you are programming your crystals is that your stone must be compatible with the purpose you have in mind for it. For example, you don’t
want to try to attract something with a stone such as Black Tourmaline, which is mostly known for repelling negative energies. However, if you are trying to stave off the negative
vibes coming from your unhappy coworkers, Black Tourmaline is ideal. If you’re trying to improve your intuitive abilities, working with Amethyst or Prehnite would be appropriate. Of
course, these are just a few examples. The metaphysical descriptions on many of our items can help you determine the best uses for various stones.

There are a few different methods of programming crystals, although not as many as there are for cleansing crystals. In fact, most methods of programming are really variations of one method. No matter which method you use to program your stones, they all have intention and focus as the main components. I suggest writing out your purpose on a piece of paper and then refining it further until you feel like it is exactly what you are trying to achieve. Be specific. When you are ready to program your crystal, be sure you are focused and your intention is clear.

Once your stone has been cleared and you have your specific purpose in mind, now you can set about the task of programming. Some crystal-lovers choose to “pre-program” their
stones before doing the programming for the actual task at hand. Pre-programming would involve a function such as the following: “To accept programming only for Divine
purpose and for the highest good of all”, or “To reject any negative vibrations that may come in contact with this crystal”. Other people who work with crystals do these as a “sub-programs” instead, by placing these types of programs after the original program has been placed into their stone. It may benefit you to have these sub or pre programs on that
piece of paper along with your main program.

The methods that follow can all be elaborated upon, to make them “feel right” to you. You can add candles or soft music. You can even write a sort of script (beyond the original
purpose) to help focus the intention of your program while you’re speaking or thinking it. Whatever vibes with you is what will work the best for you. Be sure to find a quiet space in
which to work before you begin. Some crystal-lovers prefer to ask for guidance when programming their stones. You choose where to direct your request, based on your beliefs.

For instance, if you are Buddhist, you might ask for Buddha’s assistance while programming your crystal, with a prayer if you like, or during meditation. If you are Christian, youmight invoke the aid of Archangels and/or Jesus Christ.

It is very important to remember that any crystal program should include a statement that the program is to work for the highest good. We’ve all heard the story of someone who
wishes and wishes that they had a promotion, only to find out that their promotion was the result of someone close to them losing their job. This your fail-safe subprogram. Some
people program all their crystals with this basic function, even if they never make a specific program for it in the future.

And now, on to the methods of programming crystals…

Meditation with Visualization: 
Meditation is a common method of programming crystals. To do this, you sit in a quiet environment, where you will not be disturbed, with your crystal in your hands. Think about
your purpose for the stone while holding your stone either in your bare hands or in a cloth. Have the paper with your desired program written on it in front of you if you wish.
Visualize what it would be like to have your desire fulfilled. Get yourself in the meditative state, and then focus your program into your crystal. Repeat the program in your head over and over again, until you feel the crystal has adequately absorbed your program. Use your intuition. This may be difficult at first, but continue to practice, and you will find that it
becomes easier with time.

Meditation with Breath:
Follow the instructions in the previous method, but with a twist. Once you feel that you are in an established meditative state, focused and with your intention in mind, you bring your
cupped hands, with the crystal in them, up to your mouth. You then blow on your stone with your program in mind. You literally “breathe” your program into your crystal.

Meditation with Third-Eye/Beaming:
Also following the instructions in the first method, you get yourself to the point where you are sufficiently quiet and focused, with your intention in mind. At this point, you then bring
your cupped hands up to your face at about eye level, and then imagine that you are “beaming” your program into the crystal via your third-eye. Continue to do this until you feel
satisfied the program is within your crystal.

Meditation with Reiki & other Subtle Energy Techniques:
Try this technique by relaxing with the crystal in your hands, and following the method above.  Once you feel that you are in an established meditative state, intend your program into the crystal. Continue this method until the energy sensations in your hands die down, or you feel that the stone is sufficiently programmed. This method of programming works
with other modalities of healing energies as well, not just Reiki. If you’re an energy worker, experiment a bit and see what comes of it!

Some believe that once a crystal has been programmed, it shall remain in that state for about 28 days (one lunar cycle), or until you cleanse the stone and reprogram it, whichever comes first. An alternative to this is the idea that a Crystal that is programmed for a more active purpose will need to be reprogrammed sooner, while one that has a more passive
program will retain it’s program for a longer period of time. Here are a couple of examples to help you determine when to reprogram:

1) If you programmed a Clear Quartz Cluster in your office to send high vibrations into the room for the purpose of helping to raise the energies of your coworkers so they can work
together as a cohesive group, that cluster will need to be reprogrammed after a particularly difficult week. However, if everything has been pretty smooth during that first week after
programming the cluster, you might wait another week or so before reprogramming it.  2) If you’ve programmed a single Smokey Quartz pendant that you wear every day, for
protection against negative energies, it would be a good idea to cleanse and reprogram this piece every evening. Most pendants should be cleared daily because they are not only
exposed to negative vibes around you, but they also have a tendency to absorb energies from the wearer.

As a general rule of thumb, stones that are programmed and left in place to do their job can hold their program much longer than crystals that are carried, worn, or used during
energy work. Crystals used for energy sessions (such as Reiki) should be cleared after each patient and programmed for the next.

With each of the methods above, intent, focus, and clarity are vital to the successful programming of your crystal. As you become more adept at programming your crystals, you will find a way that works best for you and is uniquely your own. These methods will evolve with your own experience and growth. Keep an open mind and you will find more and more ways in which to work with your crystals. Happy programming!

Before programming your crystal, it is also helpful to Clear your Crystals.  If you are interested in learning more about clearing crystals, you may read our article on clearing crystalson this page:



Written by Cheryl Twyford for www.HealingCrystals.com © 2007. Cheryl works as project manager and author for Healing Crystals to “Promote the Education and Use of Crystals
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