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Psychic Abilities – A Curse or a Gift?

When psychic abilities abilities are raw, or rather in their natural undeveloped state, they may often seem as if they are a curse rather than a gift. Our abilities, whether they are empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, precognitive, claircognizance, clairsentient, mediumship, or any other metaphysical abilities naturally follow the law of attraction within our sphere of experience, just like everything else.

When we are filled with fears, we naturally connect with that which is negative, as fear reinforces fear, and brings more fearful experiences. I love helping others with natural psychic, and medium abilities jump over the negative hurdles, whatever they may be, that keep them held back from being able to experience and embrace the beautiful gifts that they truly are.

Quite simply put, we have gifts of spirit for reasons, and as with all gifts whether they are creative in spirit, or helping others in spirit through our psychic abilities, we are meant to use them in service of others. You brought a sack of tools with you when you came into this life, if you will look at like this for a moment. Why bring a toolbox of tools to use to build a home, and never open the toolbox?

Getting through the fears associated with the natural psychic abilities, for some, is the toughest part of their journey. For others, the curiosity of things may have long outweighed the fears, or they may have naturally thought more positively, keeping their energy at a higher vibration, so they may not have experienced a lot of fear in that particular area. Still others may have other fears, such as fear of trusting, or even fears of others thinking they are crazy holding them back from learning to fully utilize their gifts.

Regardless of what the fears are, I am passionate about helping release them by teaching coping skills that work for each individual, ways other gifts combine to give further clarity, setting intention, raising vibrations, teaching grounding techniques, and how to put all those things together to bring validation to natural psychic abilities.

I have worked with many people with natural psychic and medium abilities, and it is quite simply put, a beautiful experience to watch others blossom with their gifts, be able to help others, and experience their abilities as the true gift that they are, as well as use them for the purpose they were meant to be used. Our reasons for having them may be varied due to different personalities and life themes, nevertheless though, for each person who carries these gifts, there is indeed a reason, and there is the courage to learn to coexist with them and use them.

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