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Psychic Abilities or Insanity? How Do I Make it Stop?

Submitted by a reader:

Q.  Beth,

I know I have psychic abilities. I have preminatory dreams. When Im falling asleep I see faces, and I will hear voices. I also have had voices warn me about certain things. But sometimes they are mean. I heard a woman call my name when I was 10 yrs old and it scared me and it went away. I have seen a dark shadow run across my room. I have seen spiders run across the floor. I just wish it would stop. The voices started getting stronger so I went to the dr. The only reason why I went is because the voices wont shut up. and they are becoming aggressive. I need someone to help me. I KNOW this is a spiritual issuse.


A.  Thank you for your question, Audrey!

First of all, let me start by saying that those of us who have strong natural psychic abilities have them for a reason. It isn’t a matter of making it stop. It is a matter of having better control of it, and learning how to use them instead of those abilities making you feel cursed!

You are describing natural clairvoyant, clairaudient, and mediumship abilities. For the natural psychic, fear breeds negativity and therefore, breeds receiving more of the negative through dreams, visions, etc.(clairvoyance)  It isn’t going to stop, but you can learn better control, and you can certainly ask to receive more positive information, or to receive information in a way that you feel better able to cope with. 

Those you are hearing (clairaudience) are ghosts. (mediumship) They are attracted to you because they know you can see, and hear them.  They get “louder” or what may seem more aggressive when we are not listening sometimes. You can actually tell them to go away, that you aren’t ready to talk, etc. I know that seems simple, but it’s true.

Ghosts may often appear in a form many describe as shadow people to natural mediums who are fearful of seeing. I have worked with natural mediums a lot in helping them better understand this gift which, before being developed, seemed to haunt them.

The spiders are something else entirely but are still coming from your abilities.

The first step is in releasing the fear. You are surrounded by help from the other side. The first step, really, is in learning to trust. It is also extremely important that you learn to ground and protect yourself.

I’d love to help you understand, learn to release your fears, and be able to use your gifts!

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