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Psychic Development Consultation

I am now offering a psychic development consultation as a 30 minute service for all of you who have questions in relation to the experiences you have had, and wonder if these experiences point to natural psychic abilities, mediumship abilities, empathic abilities, or natural spiritual gifts of any form.

They are also for those of you who would like to validate and learn more about your natural abilities, as well as those of you who already know you have natural gifts, but are unsure of which course of action is best for you to help you with further development of those gifts. They are also for those needing help to better understand natural empathic, mediumship, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant abilities.

If you have questions in regard to paranormal experiences you have had, questions as to your natural abilities to include questions about what is actually going on when you are having these experiences, wish to learn more about your natural abilities, or you are already accepting of your gifts, and ready to develop them but are unsure which course of action to take in learning to use your natural abilities. this session is for you.

I have added this session because I have so many emails in regard to these types questions when others are trying to decide whether psychic development sessions will benefit them. I will look forward to helping you with your psychic development journey through these new sessions. Learn more about requesting your appointment for this new service.

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