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Releasing the Negativity

Choosing the pathway to a positive life leads to awakening to your own ability to literally create your world around you. Our thoughts bring forth our emotions, and that combination brings forth a vibration for the universe to match. The pathway to the more fulfilling and positive life starts with changing your thinking patterns, especially your inner dialogue with yourself.

I hear such statements as, “I am trying hard to think positive, but everyone around me is negative!” or “I am surrounding myself with positive people but the negative people keep hanging around!” If your thinking isn’t changing and your emotion isn’t changing, you can find positive people to be around all day long, but what you are attracting remains the same.

Retraining our thinking and emotional patterns takes work, and commitment. As our thinking patterns and emotional patterns change, so does our vibration. We attract things of like vibration. Many of these people will seemingly disappear from your life as your life starts to change, as you are no longer attracting each other.

As for relatives who are negative, I am constantly asked questions in regard to what to do about the effect those may have. It doesn’t mean you have to release these people from your life, as you are brought together for a reason, and to help bring each other growth.

We cannot change other people. We can, however, change within ourselves. The negativity is only absorbed because it is allowed to. What happens when a person is being negative, and it has an impact on us, is the negativity touches on something within ourselves that needs to be resolved, healed, or otherwise let go, and is a sign of work to be done within. Get to the core of why it brings the feelings it brings.

Learn to accept others as they are. By not having an expectation of how someone should be or how they should react to situations, we are releasing any effect they may have on our emotions. Know that when a person is negative, they are manifesting what is within them into their outside life. Once it is seen for what it is, the impact it may have on one diminishes greatly.

Changing our thinking and emotional patterns is a journey of realization as well as a journey of awakening. Though, it does not happen overnight, with constant awareness of your thought patterns, and emotional patterns, you will see it become easier and easier. Pay attention to what is manifested in your life, and as your patterns change, so too will you notice what you are bringing into your life also changes.

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