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Remembering Past Lives Through Dreams

The dream world is a world I have always found fascinating, as dreams can tell us so much. There are many different types of dreams, and many different reasons for them. As a natural psychic medium, I often have very vivid dreams as well as visits during my dream time from those who are on the other side. I do also have normal dreams caused from my subconscious, as well as precognitive dreams, and dreams that remember the past, or show me the past.

Very often, I have had clients who come to me for interpretation of a dream, especially recurring ones. It is actually amazing how many people remember aspects of their past lives through dreams. What is also fascinating, is how often they start to have the recurring past lives dreams just as they have met someone or as someone has become a part of their lives here and now that is somehow connected to that past time.

Whereas dreams of the subconscious mind involve mostly symbolism, and situations that are not in line with real world concepts, dreams having to do with past lives are very real, and can usually be attributed to a certain era of time. What is also different about recurring dreams of past lives, is that the person having the dream sees it through their own eyes, and becomes aware at some point in the dreaming process that those eyes are different than the eyes they have here and now! For instance, Sally has dark hair, and is tall. She is continually having dreams in which she is seeing through the eyes of a short blonde in the civil war era. She feels strongly she is this person. There are also others in her dream that “feel” like others from her life now.

Mediumship dreams are different in that, although the medium may see things through another’s eyes, so to speak, and may “feel” like they are the person they are seeing through, these dream experiences are more common for a medium, and usually show an event, whereas past life dreams seem to come at different points and times in life, and may not show anything significant other than the knowing of being someone else.

Often past life dreams show more and more as time passes, and as the current life relationship that has brought them grows. Although, it is important to note, past life dreams do not always coincide with the entrance of others connected in that time period. They may also coincide with life situations that parallel.

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