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Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Rose Quartz is known as one of the love crystals. It is often called the love stone. The love crystals are helpful in many areas of love, and each have their own specific (or for some broad) areas of love where they are deemed most helpful. Rose Quartz is known for its beautiful and brilliant rose pink color and is useful with all types of love, such as self-love, family, platonic, romantic, as well as unconditional love.



Rose Quartz carries a very high energy vibration, and is used to open the heart chakra to all forms of love. It can be used to attract love, and is helpful in attuning to self love, as well as self worth. It is also quite helpful in balancing emotions, especially when worn or held.



Rose Quartz is often used when healing from a lost love either through death or breakup, but can used when healing from any emotional situation or worry. It promotes love in all of its forms and has been given as a token of love for many centuries. It is a member of the quartz family, and can be found all over the world in areas such as India, Brazil, and areas of the United States to name a few different locations where it is found..

It is often used to promote nurturing of self, and bonding. Many spiritualists recommend keeping rose quartz it near during pregnancy, and child birth for it’s wonderus bonding properties, as well as when ┬ámother figures have been lost for it’s nurturing of self properties.

If you are experiencing nightmares during your sleep time, rose quartz can be helpful is promoting happier and more loving dreams while keeping nightmares away.

Rose Quartz is available for purchase in it’s natural state, as well as many hand carved states, made into jewelry, as well as into other helpful states to be used in conjunction with other healing, and spiritual aides, such as candle holders, and wands.

It is often used when harmony needs to be restored, and where forgiveness is needed, as well as to release anger, resentment, and fears.

It is known as a powerful aphrodesiac that promotes sensuatily, and passion, and heals emotional, and sexual imbalances.

Rose Quartz is also known to aide the kidneys, and circulatory system, and promote the release of impurities.

No matter what your specific uses in areas of love, rose quartz is a must for keeping near you for peaceful, compassionate, and loving feelings within self and your surroundings.






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