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Seven Characteristics of Empathic Mediums

You have read about the signs of being a natural medium, but what are some common charactereistics of people who are empathic mediums? I have found many of the following to be true in different combinations in my years of teaching empathic mediums to fully realize and utilize their natural abilities. While all may not be true for every empathic medium, I have found them to be present in various combinations with those who are both empaths and mediums that I have worked with, as well as in myself.

Seven Common Characteristics Among Natural Mediums


Time Issues

Empathic mediums often lose track of time. Some even seem to have no concept of time, and no matter how hard they try, are most often late. Others may have such anxiety about being on time that they overcompensate and show up very early. Nevertheless, natural mediums tend to have issues with keeping track of time.

Restless Sleep

Empathic mediums often have very active dream states, and thus may wake up feeling tired, or sleeping restlessly. They also often wake up between 3 and 4 am due to the energy shift at that time of morning when the viel between here and the other side is thinnest. Others may be often woken throughout the night by ghosts in their environment who are naturally attracted to them.

A Need for More Potassium

Mediums who are actively using their ability often find their bodies have a need for more potassium, especially when the aware use of the ability increases. Many who are working on further developing the ability report an increased cravings for foods high in potassium.

Eye Contact Issues in Conversations

Mediums, especially those who are also empaths, may seem to have trouble holding eye contact with a person when in conversation. This is because they are always surveying the area they are in due to feeling the presence of ghosts, spirits, and others energies.

Trouble with Crowds/Anxiety in Crowds

Empathic mediums most often experience emotional overload from receiving emotion from both the living and the dead when in large crowds, thus bringing a lot of anxiety related to being in them.

Sense of Direction

Many empathic mediums have trouble deciphering North, South, East, and West. They tend to follow a more inner sense of direction which has nothing to do with geography, and everything to do with feelings.

Talk to Themselves

Though they really are not actually talking to themelves, others may seem them appearing to be. If you are around an empathic medium a lot, you may often hear them ask, “Who is there?”. This is because most often their first knowing of someone from another realm joining their environent is by “feeling them” or feeling the shift in energy around them.

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